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The coronavirus regresses in France and they are already thinking about eliminating the vaccination passport

The Covid Pandemic is moderating in France and the vaccination passport “could disappear” at the end of March or April. It was anticipated this Wednesday by Alain Fischer, president of the Vaccine Strategy Guidance Council.

Alain Fischer spoke to senators about a possible end to the health passport “at the end of March, beginning of April.”

“From a scientific and medical point of view, the incidence rate must be reduced, well below 2,500, at least ten times less, and the current hospital overload must have disappeared. The hospital must recover its normal operating condition and that non-Covid patients can be treated. It can go pretty fast,” the official said.

“To stop the vaccination passport, a very low incidence rate would be needed and, above all, for hospital pressure to drop sharply”, underlined Professor Alain Fischer.

The president of the Vaccine Strategy Guidance Council explained to the Senate Social Affairs Commission that he hopes that “at the end of March or April” such a situation can be reached.

A protest in Paris against the sanitary pass, last December. Photo: REUTERS

flu Pandemic

The flu Pandemic It is still active in many regions of the country, according to the weekly report of French Public Health published this Wednesday.

It is particularly strong in the southeast, where it continues to progress, or in the Île-de-France, where it is starting to rise again.

The previous winter, lockdowns and anti-Covid measures had blocked the circulation of other viruses. This flu Pandemic can complicate the hospital scenario. Before Covid, 30,000 people died in France because of it.

The number of Covid cases continues to decline in France, with 235,267 new cases compared to 416,896 a week ago. But neverthelesshospital pressure remains strongwith 3,060 new admissions of people diagnosed positive for Covid-19 and 33,352 patients treated.

Professor Fischer subjected the end of the vaccination passport to several conditions. Alain Fisher excludes (again) the fourth dose of vaccine. The professor insists that “there are no arguments in favor” of this fourth “booster”.

“It is not excluded that he will say the opposite in a week. It is the difficulty of the exercise. You have to adapt quite often. The Germans made this decision. But I would like to know how, because it is not entirely clear to me,” Fischer admitted, before the Senate Social Affairs Commission.

Regarding the policy of tests, Professor Alain Fischer believes that “the central point of discussion remains the school”.

“I regret that what the Scientific Council had recommended, that is, a systematic test, has not been put into practice in the school. Although we know that its application is complex”, specifies the scientist in front of the senators.

Contact list

The French health system is launching a new tool to list its contact cases.

In view of the explosion in the number of infections, a new service has been put online on the Health Insurance website to better fight against the circulation of the virus.

Anti-vaccine protesters prepare for a caravan to Paris, this Wednesday in Nice, France. Photo: EFE

Anti-vaccine protesters prepare for a caravan to Paris, this Wednesday in Nice, France. Photo: EFE

The new “List My Contact Cases” feature allows anyone who has tested positive to list all their contacts seen during the contagion period online.

This tool is available 24/7 and would take about 10 minutes tops to complete, Social Security said in a news release.

Vaccinated travelers will soon no longer need a negative test to come to France.

The country is moving towards a reduction in the health protocol at school with the end of vaccination certificates.

Anti-vaccine protest

The “freedom convoy”, which refuses vaccines in France, leaves this Wednesday from the interior of France to protest against sanitary measures. They are expected to arrive in the French capital on Friday, amid heavy traffic and riots.

But this slow decline in the Covid Pandemic in France does not happen in other countries.

China cut off its world airports to block the omicron outbreak. Chinese authorities are intensifying flight cancellations and sanctions against airlines. There are no planes currently flying from France, Germany and the UK, according to the business daily. The echoes.

All these cancellations are the latest in a long series ordered by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) following the discovery of positive cases among passengers on previous flights.

Queen Margaret of Denmark is contaminated with Covid and King Felipe of Spain is the last infected.

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