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The City Bar Association adds its rejection to the K march against the Supreme Court: ‘It is of unusual institutional gravity’

The City Bar Association expressed this Sunday your rejection to the march called by Kirchnerism against the members of the Supreme Court of Justice.

Through a statement, the entity referred to the manifestation of the next February 1 organized by the national judge Juan Ramos Padilla, Luis D’Elía and Kirchnerist organizations, with the support of ministers and other national officials, in which they will ask for resignation of “the four sepoys with Toga to build a New Judicial Power at the service of all Argentines.”

The text calls for “the reflection of those who adhere to this call” and recalls that “the National Constitution expressly prohibits the people from deliberating or pretending to govern except through their representatives and authorities created by it. Constitutes a crime of sedition who meet claiming the rights of the people and petition on their behalf.

In addition, it indicates that the objective of those who adhere and summon “is in conflict with express legal norms and although the desired result is not definitively configured by those who are planning it, the sole attribution of the rights of the peoplegenerates an impact on society that repudiates this type of maneuver”.

“It is essential that it be understood – as Professor Sebastián Soler correctly expressed it – that the legally protected asset for the crime of sedition is ‘the normative legal order itself and the bodies created as executors of its precepts and guardians of its compliance’ “, adds the statement.

Regarding the highest court, the Buenos Aires Bar Association affirms that “since long ago it maintains that ‘the rights that emanate from the constitutional clauses must be reconciled with the duties that they impose or that are established in others, so that they do not conflict its dispositions and it is possible to give them that meaning that reconciles them and leaves them all with value and effect'”.

Judge Juan Ramos Padilla is one of the organizers of the march against the Supreme Court. Photo Juano Tesone

In addition, it warns that the adhesion to this popular call in repudiation of the Judicial Power, by officials of the Executive and Legislative Power of the Nation, “from now on implies a situation of unusual institutional gravity, about which we must alert all citizens in pursuit of the support of republican institutions“.

Later in the statement, the entity maintains that a “systematic attack” on the Judiciary and that this “is an obvious demagogic device to sow doubt in the population about whether the judges are independent or not, when what is institutionally correct is that the constitutional mechanisms be exercised to judge -if appropriate- the conduct of these judges who are invoked as unsuitable for the exercise of the magistracy”.

In return, and in response to said mobilization, the City Bar Association announced that yes, it adheres to the counter-march called for February 3 at 7:00 p.m., in front of the Palace of Courts, in support of the Court.

It, he assures, is “for defend judicial independence, without any kind of party identification”.



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