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The brand Du similar to the same placed in receivership

The brand, owned by the Générale pour l’enfant group, will be the subject of collective proceedings. Sergeant Major, also owned by the group, is placed in safeguard procedure.

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DPAM is in receivership proceedings.
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Ihe famous brand of children’s clothing from Du similar to the same (DPAM) is having a hard time. DPAM will find itself placed in receivership this Thursday, June 29. Another brand concerned on the same day, Sergeant Major, which was notified of a safeguard procedure. DPAM and Sergent Major, both properties of the Générale pour l’Enfant (GPE) group, are placed in receivership and safeguard proceedings respectively

The group, which employs 2,500 people, said it had been “impacted” by “social crises, the Covid-19 pandemic, the energy crisis and inflation” in a press release.

GPE suffered a decline of 100 million euros in its turnover over the Covid period “due to the closure of stores during the pandemic”, a source familiar with the matter told AFP, according to which the figure turnover reached 275 million euros in 2022. “The explosion of costs” of electricity, rents and raw materials are also at fault, according to the press release.

Restructuring around online sales

“The restructuring plan provides for the closure or sale of around fifty Sergent Major stores and a hundred at Du similar to the same”, according to the same source. The General holding for the child (GPE) is not concerned by any procedure, even sue Natalys “to date”, the brand with 10 million euros in turnover being “much smaller” than the two others and not knowing “such serious issues”, she added.

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The group has announced that it is restructuring and developing its digital strategy, with the aim of achieving 25% of its sales online “by 2027”. He has, to do this, invested 5 million euros, he quantified. It also envisages an “international extension to new markets (Middle East) and the development of the network of affiliates in France and in Europe (Greece)”.

The GPE group was founded by Paul Zemmour in 1987, the year the first Sergent Major store opened. It then acquired Natalys in 2006 and Du similar to the same in 2016. It has 850 stores in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Slovakia and Switzerland.

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