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The band Sí Señor will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a concert in Old San Juan

Spanish rock band Yes sir celebrates its 20-year career with a massive concert, in which they promise a tour of their greatest hits.

The return to the stages of the popular group is scheduled for Saturday, May 6 at 8:30 pm at the Tapia Theater in Old San Juan and tickets are on sale at

This show, which will be called “x20+”, will mark the beginning of a new stage in the trajectory of the band made up of the vocalist Brenda Liz Román, guitarist/songwriter Lewis “Butch” Magruder, guitarist Eddie Trucco; bassist Irvin Abad; and Natalie Carrasquillo in the choirs.

“This is a very significant moment for us. In this concert we are going to bring our music to the public with the same energy and feeling that has always characterized us. It has been 20 years of a lot of growth, adventures and great moments. We couldn’t let it pass us by,” Magruder said.

“Verano del 96″, “No vuelves”, “Mi mundo de cabeza” and “Extrañándote”, will be just some of the songs that will be part of the wide repertoire of hits from this show, long awaited by the band’s fans.

“We are 20 years old and it is time to celebrate. We are lucky to do what we love and to have an audience that has been loyal during these two decades. I know it will be an unforgettable night ”, expressed, for her part, Brenda Liz Román.

Sí Señor was born two decades ago with the release of his self-titled album. Then, in 2006, he presented “La nueva estrella del rock”, followed by “Un día más” in 2008, and a live version in 2011, which was recorded at the Raúl Juliá Theater of the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. His most recent production was “Resiliencia”, in 2019.

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