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The “Art at the Hilton” event returns

“Art at the Hilton”, a unique and exciting art program, which has been held for twenty years at the prestigious Caribe Hilton hotel in Puerto Rico, will be held again this Tuesday, June 20.

This program aims to encourage and promote local artistic talent by offering Puerto Rican artists a platform to exhibit their work in an exclusive environment.

In the lobby of the Caribe Hilton hotel, starting at 5:30 PM, the “Art at the Hilton” program returns with an exhibition by the Generación Reactiva group from the Petrus Gallery. The participating artists are: Abey Charrón, Bobby Cruz, Brian Vargas, Iván Alejandro Báez, Karlo Ibarra, Naimar Ramírez, Orlando Meléndez, Tania Monclova, Tonita Hambleton, among others.

Each season, the Caribe Hilton hotel selects outstanding artists in various disciplines, such as painting, sculpture and photography, to display their art in the lobby of the renowned hotel. These works of art become an integral part of the hotel experience, bringing beauty and originality to the spaces and giving guests a unique opportunity to enjoy and appreciate local art.

The “Art at the Hilton” program not only benefits artists by providing an exhibition platform, but also enriches the guest experience by immersing them in the rich culture and artistic talent of Puerto Rico. Visitors to the Caribe Hilton hotel have the opportunity to explore and appreciate a wide variety of artistic styles and techniques, and may even purchase works of art for a unique memento of their stay.

In summary, “Art at the Hilton” is a program that combines hospitality and art, giving local artists the opportunity to showcase their talent and offering guests a culturally enriching experience during their stay at the Caribe Hilton hotel in Puerto Rico.

For details you can contact 787-318-8993 or by email at [email protected]. Also on Instagram and Facebook; gallerypetrus.

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