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The Argentine ambassador to Russia admitted that they did not find Mohsen Rezai in Moscow

Eduardo Zuaín, the Argentine ambassador to Russia, confirmed this Saturday that Mohsen Rezai, accused of the AMIA attack, was not found in Moscow.

The Argentine Justice had requested the arrest of Rezai, after the Foreign Ministry reported the possible presence in that country of the Iranian official who participated in the inauguration of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, in an act that included the participation of the Argentine ambassador Daniel Capitanich.

“There was already a response from Interpol Russia to Interpol Argentina that does not go through the embassy, ​​which was negative in the sense that the person had not been found“, confirmed the diplomat in dialogue with AM750.

However, he remarked: “It is good for Argentina to request and claim all the countries in the world where it can be thought that there is one of the defendants in the case,” he said.

The diplomat’s statement was released hours after the Foreign Ministry published a statement to explain the failed attempt to capture Rezai.

“The Foreign Ministry, through its embassy in Iran, received information that the Iranian citizen Mohsén Rezaí could move to Russia in an entourage”, they affirmed. And they added: “And, as indicated by the procedure in these cases, immediate action was taken by informing the pertinent judicial and police authorities: UFI AMIA and INTERPOL”.

Despite this statement, Clarion confirmed on Friday from very high sources that the Rezai that Argentina is looking for was confused with another official of the same surname: punctually, with the head of the Russian-Iranian parliamentary group, Ebrahim Rezai, who was one of the spokesmen for the official visit that Raisi made to Vladimir Putin this week.

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