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The appeal that can release Dani Alves, his DNA and his wife’s complaint

Dani Alves is serving the first ten days in the prison of Brians 2. The Brazilian has asked his new lawyer, the criminal Cristobal martellto do everything possible to get him out of jail as soon as possible and this Monday, January 30, is a key day for this, since they will present the appeal to request provisional release.

More than on the facts themselves, the appeal will focus on trying to convince the three magistrates of the Provincial Court that no flight risk with the measures they propose: withdrawal of passport, telematic bracelet and even that Dani appears daily in court.

A resource in which Martell admits that there was sexual intercourse in the bathroom of the Sutton nightclub between Alves and the young complainant, but that you are they were consented and that the contradictions in the three versions that Dani gave were to avoid recognizing that he had been unfaithful to his wife.

Once the court number 15 of Barcelona receives the appeal, it will deliver it to the victim’s lawyer and the prosecutor who will have five days to present allegations.

In this resource Dani Alves plays a lot. It must be taken into account that until the hearing is held in the event that there is finally a trial, between a year and a year and a half can pass, the time that the Brazilian should be in prison if his appeal is not approved.

DNA in the bathroom

While Dani Alves’ triple statement and his constant contradictions corner the Brazilian, the victim’s testimony always remained firm and solid in his version of the facts, providing a seamless statement. In addition, the DNA fingerprints collected during the investigation, a total of seven according to the newspaper 20 Minutes, corroborate his version. Another important legal stick for a Dani Alves who shares a cell with Coutinho -in his day he was a bodyguard of Ronaldinho and doorman of some nightclubs in Barcelona – and that in front of other prisoners, according to the Vanguard, He assures that he fears nothing:

“I’ll take whatever comes. I left home when I was barely 15 years old. I have overcome in my life very difficult and complicated situations. This will be one more that will pass. Nothing scares me.”

His wife denounces harassment

Joana Sanz, wife of Dani Alves, is going through the most difficult moment of her life. To the sudden loss of her mother, days later she joins the alleged sexual assault of her husband.

Sanz, who after publicly defending her husband changed her position and decided to delete all the photos where they appeared together, has denounced that she is suffering numerous insults and harassment on social networks.

You are a daughter of p…! Your husband is a rapist”can be read in one of the screenshots shown by Joana Sanz.

In another, they tell her: “Now you jump like the rat that you are from the ship, which is sinking, but what can you expect, that you are a b… any, they took you out of prostitution, the lowest bitch that you are “. “If I were you I would commit suicide and so you don’t sufferhahaha, you are a waste of skin,” writes a third user cruelly.

Some insults that Joana denounces in public and that show the real hell that the 29-year-old Canarian model is going through.

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