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That I don’t know what what what I know about Luka Modric

Yesterday it was known that Luka modric had reached an agreement with him Real Madrid to extend his contract with the white club for another year, that is until 2023. Luka was born on September 9, 1985 in Zadar, Croatia, so right now he is 36 years old, on September 9, 2022 he will be 37 and on September 30, June 2023, which is when his relationship with Real Madrid will end for the time being, Modric will be close to turning 38 years old. And if I say “for now” it is because no one can assure that within a year, and seeing how Modric plays football, he will not extend his contract until 2024. José Luis Garci said the other day in EsRadio Soccer, and I dare to say that full of reason, that Luka would be indisputably in the best historical eleven of Real MadridAnd that the best midfielders in the history of football have passed through there, from Muñoz to Rial through Zoco, Pirri, Schuster, Redondo, Zidane or Kroos himself, and I’m sure that he left me twenty other players as good as these.

It should be recalled again that Modric was received by Spanish sports journalism with all cannons aiming straight for the heart. A man named Óscar Zárate, for example, said of him in Sports world that he was a medium hair signing and, faithful to that seny that characterizes all the Catalans, wrote the following: “The Croatian appeared at the Bernabéu playing with his four-year-old son, already almost as ‘tall’ as him”, and enclosed the adjective. I suppose that if height were a problem for playing football, Messi, who is 1.69, that is, three centimeters less than Modric, would not have made a career at Barcelona, ​​right? It was also said about Luka that it was a smokescreen or that Madrid had spent 42 million euros on it “to cover shame“, but nothing so disrespectful as what this individual, this Zarate, said about him, even resorting to physical aspects to try to denigrate him.

I imagine that Modric was received with nails, and not only by part of the periobarcelonismo, because he was endorsed by Mourinho, who alerted Universo Valdano that there was a kid in Tottenham who wanted to leave there and that due to his price he could be a real bargain. I mean, They kicked Modric in Mourinho’s ass, which is the most cowardly and creeping thing you can do with anyone. The fact is that the patch that came to cover shame has been at Real for ten seasons and, in between, has won Champions, Leagues, Cups, European Super Cups and Club World Cups in addition to the icing on the Ballon d’Or that he achieved in 2018. For the rest, Luka Modric has always been a example of sportsmanship both on and off the pitch, a reference to follow, someone who connects with people. His great video responding to Elvira, an 80-year-old Zamora grandmother who wanted to meet him, has been around the world. Like Isabel Díaz Ayuso, Modric has an I don’t know what, what do I know …

I can’t stop thinking about Sergio Ramos, and I’ll tell you why. I can’t stop thinking about Sergio because the extension of Modric’s contract, who is one year older than him, is proof that you can play at Real Madrid until you are 40, renewing year after year. Modric’s representative is called Borja Couce and from what you see he has fitted like a glove into the player’s philosophy, but I think that, in the end, the players always decide. Modric wants to continue at Real Madrid and he will continue at Real Madrid … of course with the conditions of Real Madrid. Modric wanted to play football at the new Bernabéu and he will, he will play at the new Bernabéu … with Real Madrid conditions. Because in other teams I don’t know, in Barcelona I don’t know how it will work, but in Real Madrid the conditions are set by the club and not by the footballer, no matter how powerful his image is and how great his weight in the dressing room is. I mean, taking less time than him in the club, Modric has understood better than Ramos what Real Madrid is and who Florentino Pérez is. Or what is the same, Luka Modric has been as smart off the pitch as on it. Like Kroos. Or like Benzema. Or like Marcelo.

I have no doubt that, once they left Madrid, the Ramos’ first objective was to show the world that there was another important club that did offer them the two years that they did not give them here, as they revealed the other day L’Equipe. In the same way, I don’t have the slightest doubt that Florentino Pérez has enjoyed giving Modric one more year because that clearly shows that age is not a problem, the problem is attitude. And I refer to the evidence that, except for someone who is too sectarian, height is not a major inconvenience either. Modric will taste Real Madrid until the end and in two hours he will be, if he wants, in Paris to take the typical photo at the Eiffel Tower. And back to Madrid, back home, to his Real, to his Bernabéu, to continue covering shame for a few more years.


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