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That AMLO undermines the law affects the rule of law in Mexico: José Ramón Cossío

That AMLO demerits the law affects the rule of law in Mexico: José Ramón José Ramón pointed out that the fact that the President is in charge of undermining the laws generates a deficit in the rule of law.

There is a political voluntarism that is to say that ‘I don’t care what the law says’” in the administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and this generates a deficit in the rule of law in Mexico according to José Ramón Cossío, former minister of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

During his participation in The Red ChairCossío said that in no administration prior to that of López Obrador deliberate action had been seen against autonomous bodies or against the law in generaland that it is dangerous to undermine the laws from the Presidency, since its position is symbolic and selectively ignoring the laws is an attack against democracy, in the words of the former minister.

Phrases like “don’t come to tell me that the law is the law”, “to hell with the institutions” “to hell…” are some of the ones that the panel made up of Leonardo Kourchenko, Víctor Piz and Enrique Quintana heard as a reference to the remarks made by the President during his administration regarding the laws.

On the other hand, Cossío proposes that the best alternative in this case is the democratic path, and if López Obrador does not like any law or any faction, he chooses to change it through democracysince in this way they have been previously consolidated.

Another aggravating circumstance of this narrative used by the leader of the Executive, according to Cossío, is that López Obrador himself “erodes his own base of legitimacy and that of the Mexican State”This is due to the fact that it is based on a legitimacy that is rather charismatic and personal.

“To say that ‘I can ignore the law because I feel that I have a superior quality’ Yes, it seems to me that it is very dangerous because since there are no checks or balances, we do not clearly understand what the limits of this process are, in which it seems that we are already involved,” said Cossío.

These are three factors that affect the rule of law in Mexico according to Cossío

José Ramón Cossío explained that “the rule of law basically consists in authorities do what they have to do in accordance with the rules established for them their competences and their powers and obligations”.

In the case of Mexico, there are three key factors to understand because the rule of law is so affected:


The fact that they have Such large percentages of impunity in the country have a pronounced effect on the rule of law. Cossío argued that the figures from non-governmental organizations on impunity in crimes is 95 or 96 percent.

“The rule of law cannot function if the probability that a person will be criminally prosecuted for a crime is very low, it is 3 or 4 percent”, said the former minister.

Cuts to institutions

José Ramón Cossío pointed out that since the López Obrador administration there has been an extraction of resources from ministries and organizations that they lost valuable personnel. This strangulation has affected the functioning of some fundamental dependencies for the country, and that which had to be done by organizations or personnel is not being done.

denigrate the laws

As stated above, the 4T narrative about going against established laws and demeriting them affects the rule of law according to Cossío.

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