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Textiles, shoes: the “repair bonus” officially launched

Lhe “repair bonus” for clothing and shoes was launched on Tuesday in Paris, like that for household appliances, which will allow consumers to benefit from discounts when repairs are carried out by approved professionals. This system is “good for the environment but also for purchasing power”, welcomed the Minister of Ecological Transition, Christophe Béchu, on Tuesday, in an introductory video.

Household linen and lingerie are not eligible for this bonus, Elsa Chassagnette of Refashion, the eco-organization which manages the Repair Fund and tasked by the government to support industry towards a more circular economy. Concretely, consumers will be able to drop off their clothes and shoes with 600 certified repairers throughout the national territory, a list of which they will find on A discount will then automatically be made on the price of the repair – for example 7 euros for a hole, tear or tear in clothing or 25 euros to resole leather shoes.

“Consumption of clothing and shoes has increased significantly in recent years”

The bonuses can be combined on the same product to be repaired, up to 60% of the price of the repair, according to the press release, and each consumer will be able to bring as many parts to be repaired as they wish. However, it must be a matter of repair, not retouching, warns Elsa Chassagnette. The Reparations Fund is endowed with 154 million euros over the period 2023-2028, exclusively financed by private funds.

This envelope will be used to finance the “repair bonus” as well as the visibility of this system, but also actions to raise awareness of repairs among consumers and training provided to approved repairers, indicated Elsa Chassagnette. As part of the REP (extended producer responsibility) sector, on the “polluter pays” principle, each fashion brand pays an eco-contribution to Refashion, which should make it possible to release one billion euros over the period 2023- 2028.

“Consumption of clothing and shoes has increased significantly in recent years with 826,000 tonnes purchased in 2022” in France, of which more than 260,000 tonnes of products are collected annually. In 2019, 16 million parts were repaired according to Ademe. Refashion hopes to increase this figure to 21.6 million by 2028 thanks to this system.

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