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Tesla gets relief from US court, wins in case blaming autopilot feature for accident

Tesla has got big relief from the American court. The company has won the case in the court in which serious allegations were made against it. According to the news of news agency Reuters, the company was accused that one person died in the accident due to its autopilot driver assist feature. It is noteworthy that many such cases are pending against the company in America. The 12-member jury announced on Tuesday that they found that there was no technical defect in the vehicle. The decision came on the fourth day of deliberations and the vote was 9-3.

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There was no immediate comment from Tesla or the other parties on the court’s decision. It was alleged in the lawsuit that due to the autopilot system, a car crashed into a tree, resulting in the death of a passenger. In this accident that took place in 2019, one passenger had died and two others were injured. In a lawsuit filed against Tesla by passengers, the company has been accused of knowing that the autopilot and other safety systems were defective when it sold the car. Tesla had denied the allegation, saying that the deceased had consumed alcohol before driving. Had consumed.

The electric-vehicle maker also claimed that it was not clear whether Autopilot was active at the time of the accident. It is worth noting that Tesla is testing and implementing its Autopilot feature and a more advanced Full Self-Driving (FSD) system, which Chief Executive Elon Musk has described as important for the future of his company.

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