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Terrorist Sajid Mir was saved by China in UN, then India told fiercely, said- not honest against terrorism

Because of China, Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Sajid Mir was once again not declared a global terrorist in the United Nations. For which India has scolded China in the UN itself. Prakash Gupta, Joint Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs raised this matter in the UN. He said that due to this act of China, the victims of 26/11 have still not got justice. Our efforts have been stalled due to some personal interests. This shows that we do not have the political will to fight honestly against the challenge of terrorism.

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India also raised questions on UN

Please tell that India and America together had proposed to declare Sajid Mir as a global terrorist. The resolution, placed under the 1267 Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee of the United Nations Security Council, called for blacklisting Mir and confiscation of his assets, travel ban and arms embargo. But China put a stop to it.

After the proposal fell on Sajid Mir, India has also raised questions on the United Nations. India has said that in this era of accountability and transparency, can we block such important proposals without giving any reason? India has asked if we can get permission to re-introduce the resolution.

Terrorist Mir has been sentenced

Lashkar terrorist Sajid Mir is accused of carrying out the 2008 Mumbai attacks. In which 166 people had died. For his role in the Mumbai terror attacks, a reward of US$ 5 million has been placed on him by the US. In a United Nations meeting held in Mumbai last year, India also played an audio clip as proof of Mir’s involvement in the Mumbai attacks. In which Mir was heard saying, attack Chhabra House. In June last year, Mir was sentenced to 15 years in prison by an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan itself in a case. Interestingly, some time back Pakistan had claimed that Sajid Mir is dead. Although many countries asked for proof of his death, which Pakistan could not provide. This issue was also raised in the meeting of Anti-Terrorism Financial Action Task Force ie FATF.

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