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Terrorist attack on gurdwara in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan, 3 bomb blasts, armed attackers enter gurdwara

Kabul, 18 June (agencies)

There is news of a terrorist attack on a Gurudwara in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan on Saturday. According to the information, first 3 explosions were heard near the gurudwara. After this, there is information about some armed terrorists entering inside the gurdwara. According to sources, one security guard was killed while three others were injured in the attack. This figure may increase. The blast took place in Karte Parwan area of ​​Kabul. Karte Parwan Gurudwara is located in the same area. At least two attackers are believed to be inside the gurdwara complex and Taliban fighters are trying to nab them. In the grip of this attack, some shops of Sikhs adjacent to the gurudwara also came under fire and they caught fire.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) tweeted, “We are deeply concerned by the incident of attack on a holy Gurudwara in Kabul city. We are closely monitoring the situation and await more information on further incident.”

China’s local news agency Xinhua quoted an eyewitness as saying, “We heard the explosion in the Karte Parwan area at around 6 a.m. local time. The second eruption occurred about half an hour after the first. At present, the entire area has been sealed.” He said that the security forces have cordoned off the area as a precaution. According to eyewitnesses, a plume of smoke spread in the sky due to the explosion. There is an atmosphere of panic in the entire area after the attack. He said, ‘There is a possibility of death of a large number of people in the blast. Several bullets were fired by the security forces for warning. However, there is no official statement regarding the blasts yet. Sikh community leaders estimate that there are only 140 Sikhs left in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, mostly in the eastern city of Jalalabad and the capital, Kabul.

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