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Tension over social plans: the pro-government piqueteros voted for a plan of struggle and put pressure on Tolosa Paz

While the Government studies possible casualties of Empowering Work, social organizations from all over the political arc will demonstrate again on Wednesday.

The social organizations of the ruling party ratified their plan to fight against the Government. The Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP), which is made up of pro-government groups such as the Evita Movement of emilio persicothe MTE of John Grabois and Somos-Barrios de Pie, by Daniel Menéndez, defined in an assembly of 5 thousand delegates, at the foot of the Pueyrredón Bridge, a day of protests next Wednesday to put pressure on the Executive, which study casualties due to alleged incompatibilities of social plans.

Social movements from all over the political arc mobilized while the Ministry of Social Development intertwined the names of beneficiaries of Potenciar Trabajo who would present alleged incompatibilities, according to the report that the AFIP sent to that Portfolio on October 24 at the request of the former minister. Juan Zabaleta.

At the same time that the pro-government organizations seized the Pueyrredón Bridge, columns of the Piquetera Unit cut the 9 de Julio highway at the height of the obelisk. “No truce to the adjusters“, said the banners of the Polo Obrero and Libres del Sur.

Simultaneously, smaller groups such as the MTD Aníbal Verón, the FOL and the MTR demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Social Development.

The postcard will be repeated next Wednesday, when social organizations take to the streets all over the country again.

The greatest political shock for the Government is the open criticism of the UTEP, which is made up of groups close to the Executive and which occupy numerous state offices. They were during a good part of the management of Alberto Fernandezits main territorial support.

“In the Assembly we have informed more than 5,000 delegates of the situation that is being experienced with the adjustment proposal, which is being carried out by the minister (Victoria) Tolosa Paz,” said Gildo Onorato, union secretary of UTEP and a reference for Evita , which until recently built politically with the brand new minister in La Plata.

Prefecture in Pueyrredón Bridge. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

Onorato, who was one of the main speakers at the event, had suggested that on Thursday Pérsico, Secretary of Social Economy -in charge of Empowering Labor and half of the ministerial budget- could resign from his position if the Government insists with the low.

The groups also demand confirmation of a bonus/year-end bonus, which the different administrations usually give to the beneficiaries of the program who receive more than 1,300,000 people. They also require that the Executive does not unhook the parity from the social salary complementary paid by the Potenciar of the minimum wage and they reject the audits of the minister.

“It seems unfair to us that (this adjustment) is made with the comrades who are the ones who suffer the most from inequality and what they have done the most so that governability and social peace are not lost throughout these three years of crisis” , insisted Onorato, after the act in which the members of the rest of the UTEP board of directors also spoke: Norma Morales, from Barrios de Pie; Dina Sánchez, from the Darío Santillán Front; Ramiro Berdesegar, from the CCC; and Esteban Castro, general secretary of the UTEP and leader of Evita.

At the Pueyrredón Bridge there were moments of tension when the protesters came face to face with infantry officers from the Prefecture. Finally it did not happen to majors.

Tolosa Paz was denounced for breach of duties as a public official by the prosecutor Guillermo Marijuanwho understands that the 3 thousand casualties to beneficiaries of Potenciar who bought dollars or made excessive purchases by card, is insufficient.

The Executive had already had to reverse course with the loss of 40,000 beneficiaries of plans that also received Progresar scholarships. The threat of encampments by the leftist picketers at the obelisk forced the then minister Juan Zabaleta to change the program requirements.

The rapprochement between the social groups of the ruling party and the opposition has been woven since July, when cases against leaders of social movements in Jujuy, Chubut, La Pampa, Santa Fe and the Province and the City began to be reactivated in Justice.

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