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Telemundo’s “Los 50” eliminates more than 10 participants in its premiere week

Since the premiere of “Los 50” by Telemundo, many wondered how long it would last as it was a large group of participants, all competitive. The doubts ended when, almost a week after his debut, the number of eliminated is about to exceed ten.

To the joy of some and the frustration of others, the Argentine influencer samira jalil he left the hacienda the first night. The decision was made by the majority of his colleagues.

Contrary to what many would think, whoever lives in MadridHe accepted the news calmly. In “The house of celebrities”For example, Jalil’s participation is remembered for having led the most intense discussions, including with patricia christmas.

In its early days, as part of the programming of the Hispanic television network, “Los 50” also presented the fight between Shirley Arica and the actress Thali Garcia. The altercation ended with the expulsion of one of the participants.

The foregoing, to a large extent, occurred because he had breached one of the rules of his contract that indicated that he could not have any physical contact with other participants, unless it was mutually agreed.

In the visuals, which were published in the Instagram Telemundo Realities, can be seen when Arica asked García to leave the room they shared. The mandate provoked a confrontation that ended with blows.

“I have been through so much in life that I only have to stick my tongue out. Although nobody knows about one; I’m not having a good time today. Tell all those people who love me and write to me, that I will be back very soon and stronger. Sometimes it is not good to hide what we feel and act as if nothing will happen, let’s externalize and accept the processes ”, commented the expelled outside the hacienda.

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