Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Technology to save our planet

On April 22, we celebrate International Mother Earth Day, in which more than 1 billion citizens from more than 190 countries take action to raise awareness of the climate crisis. The goal is to generate behavioral changes to protect the environment. Today technology is a great tool to protect you, below I describe five solutions that will help us solve the crisis.

The first is carbon capture. The emission of gases is the main reason for the increase in the temperature of the Earth. Projects like Net Zero Teesside (NZT) use technology to capture CO2 from the environment, then store it and use it for necessary industrial processes.

The second is to change the traditional feeding of cattle. Two thirds of methane emissions are related to agriculture, today there are initiatives for the development of new alternative foods to animal meat, changing their diet to red algae from the tropics can reduce emissions by up to 80% in cows when It is added as a supplement to your diet.

The third is the incorporation of insects in our diet. This nutrient-dense, iron-rich alternative protein source offers new options for creating delicious foods using a fraction of the resources used to produce animal protein.

The fourth is remote work. One of the effects of the pandemic was the reduction of emissions from transportation and the maintenance of public buildings. A lot of work can be done from home, and millions of employees have shown that they can be productive by managing their own hours. Now that the restrictions are being reversed, many of the workers have returned to the office, but have asked their employers for more flexibility, so this trend will probably continue to grow to the benefit of our planet.

The fifth is the best use of data centers or Data Centers, which are responsible for internet connections working around the world and powering the entire planet. Power optimization has seen many operations take place in the cloud, rather than on local servers, but optimizing power consumption will be essential as the need for more computing power grows.

Technology is not the only solution, public policies and the habits and customs of billions of people in the world are what will ensure the longevity of our planet. This initiative, which has been celebrated for more than fifty years, is more relevant every day, we must be aware and celebrate our planet Earth every day of the year.

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