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Technical glitch on Christmas day; The bank accidentally paid Rs 1,300 crore to its customers

London: A bank accidentally deposited Rs 1,300 crore in a customer’s account due to a technical glitch on Christmas day. Santander UK in London. The big mistake was made by the bank.

About 75,000 transactions made by about 2,000 corporate-commercial account holders were repeated once again due to technical glitches. Not one, not two, about $ 175 million (approximately Rs. 13,040,308,750 crore) was deposited into the accounts of thousands of customers. The incident happened on Christmas morning.

The bank stated that the money had gone out of the bank’s reserve and therefore the customers had not lost any money.

Santander UK is trying to recoup the money invested in this way. They are also seeking the help of other banks for this. The bank said the incident was due to a technical glitch and efforts were underway to recover the money.

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