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Tech employee dies due to brain rupture due to overtime work, worked ‘in festival holidays’

Youth dies due to overtime work in tech industry (symbolic picture)

The death of a 25-year-old young employee in a Chinese tech company has once again debated the culture of overtime work in the tech industry in China. Has sprung. It is being described as “wake up time” for China’s tech industry. The news of the death of a Bilibili employee due to overtime work during the Lunar New Year holidays has gone viral on Twitter-like platform Weibo in China. Went. Earlier, a person blogging about the workplace had cited co-workers of the slain person without naming them as saying that he was pressured to work for more time.


The same day, a Weibo user claimed that the man’s sister thanked the blogger and accused her brother’s company of trying to suppress the news on the Internet.

The girl wrote, “Is it so difficult to apologize seriously. Doesn’t my brother’s life of almost 20 years matter? This post has got over 870,000 likes.”

There is a lot of discussion on the Internet of China over the death of a 25-year-old content moderator due to brain damage. This employee was working for the short-video streaming site Bilibili throughout the holiday week. Bilibili confirmed the employee’s death on Tuesday and said he apologizes to the family.

Bilibili said in a statement, “The death of our best employee is a huge loss for us. It is also an eye-opener for us.” “We have to make quick improvements and take care of the health of our employees so that this doesn’t happen again,” the statement said.

For the last several years, this one more death has been added to the incidents of sudden death of youth in the tech industry. This has raised questions on the working habit of the industry “996”. It works for 12 hours 6 days a week. Businessmen like Jack Ma have also advocated this work culture.

Many Chinese tech companies are now making efforts to reduce working hours following complaints and protests from employees. Earlier, employees of several tech firms in China had created a cross-sourced spreadsheet in which working hours were being written in one place but then it disappeared suspiciously.


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