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Tebas: “Rubiales is a walking recorder”

The president of LaLiga, Javier Thebeshas once again attacked his counterpart from the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubialesfor the issue of espionage between workers of the two entities, and has not hesitated to qualify as “walking recorder“to the highest leader of the federative body.

“I do not have any war with Mr. Rubiales. I maintain what I always say, that he is not qualified to lead the RFEF and now he has seen everything that is happening. He is a walking recorder,” Tebas said during his speech in the fourth edition of Sports Weekend Brand which is celebrated in Malaga.

“There are a number of situations in football where we can’t be like this,” he lamented. “They have the strategy of victims and those of us who are victims are the rest, David Aganzo (president of the AFE soccer players’ union) or Javier Tebas. As far as I know, I haven’t put any spy anywhere and here, unfortunately, there are good guys and bad guys, there are people who send detectives, record meetings and others who don’t do anything,” added the president of LaLiga.

In addition, Tebas has once again defended his role in the meetings with Juan Rubialesuncle of Luis Rubiales, or Miguel Maria Garcia Caba Deputy Secretary of the Federation. “The main consequence is that the directors of the federation do not know who they are going to be able to sit down with, because either you go naked or with inhibitors or you won’t be able to sit down and talk“He pointed out regarding the recordings that are coming to light.

Tebas adds that “with all the clubs” with whom he speaks “they are very clear about where the good guys are and where the bad guys are.” “The problem here is that it seems like a personal issue and I personally have nothing with Mr. Rubiales, my problem is as president of the RFEF and how he is managing football with these absolutely mafia practices and detectives. Let’s not mistake where the focus of the problem is, that whoever they have recorded has been me, “he pointed out.

“That the president of the Federation does this type of trickery provokes let the clubs be afraidI no longer say those of professional football, talk in private with those of the First RFEF or with those of women’s football”, declared Tebas, who calls ironically “Sister Mother Rubiales” to the president of the Federation, adding that he is going to file a complaint against him.

Continuing with his usual irony, the president of LaLiga describes the Viana Pacts as “‘The robberies of Viana‘” and says he is “concerned” about Rubiales’ whatsapp to Pedro Sanchez. “I’m not so naive about this and football wants freedom, and now it doesn’t have it,” she warned. “The most there is is silence from the Federation and wait from the CSD,” Tebas pointed out, adding that “of course, unfortunately, this is talked about in Europe.”

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