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Teatro en 15 celebrates the second delivery of the Victoria Espinosa Awards

Between applause and an evident hubbub, the second installment of the awards began. Victoria Espinosa Awards that recognizes the best of “Teatro en 15″, at the Tapia Theater, in Old San Juan.

A red carpet was laid outside the ceremony headquarters that dazzled the entrance of the dozens of nominated actors and actresses. The event, which was broadcast by WIPR, was hosted by comedian and television host, Tita Guerrero.

“I showered and dressed,” joked Guerrero, who walked through the audience until she reached the stage wearing a gold dress from the D’Royal Bride store.

The night served to recognize the pieces that are chosen monthly as favorites by the public and to honor great names in the world of entertainment and cultural endeavors.

An emotional moment during the ceremony was the dedication to Luis Antonio Rivera, better known as “Yoyó Boing”, for his career of more than 70 years in the arts. The veteran actor, producer and director came out on stage in a wheelchair and the audience rose in an emotional applause that caused him to burst into tears after seeing the reception.

“Grateful for that town, for that audience that has supported me all my life and that I have respected when good comedy, family comedy, was made. If those in charge, who are you (the public), are not respected, we are wrong. This is a meaning of what I have done throughout my life, working healthily, cleanly and with respect for all of you,” said the actor and comedian.

In addition, a tribute was paid to the director of the Department of Art and Culture, Antonio Morales, for his vast experience in the dramatic arts and leading many artistic projects, including Teatro en 15.

“I have no words to thank you for this, thank you for that applause. I genuinely believe that the arts can save the world and I thank the mayor of San Juan for betting on the arts. What an honor for me. “I am enjoying one of the greatest honors of my entire life,” said the producer and writer.

Award-winning works and actors

The experienced journalist Mayra Acevedo presented the first two categories of the night, which were “Best Costume Design,” which went to Myrna Rivera’s production, Yurasik Park; and “Best Makeup Design” obtained by the actor Julio Vizcarrondo’s piece, “Extravagante”.

The producer, director and theater teacher, Juan Carlos Morales, was in charge of the musicalization award. The production of “Qué Serenata!” won the best musical score.

In addition, professors from the University of Puerto Rico, Israel Franco and Francés Arroyo, presented the statuettes in the scenography category, which went to actor and set designer César de León.

The piece of “The Dupont”, written by Olga Vega Fontánez, won in the “Lighting Design” category.

The mayor of San Juan, Miguel Romeropresented the Promesa award, a mention that grants productions a financial incentive of $1,000 to continue developing in the dramatic arts and provide a safe work space for Puerto Rican actors.

The production house “All Inclusive Production” and the collective “Teatro 21” won this mention.

The category of revelation actor was awarded to Emilio Gerena, who starred in “Culpable Inocente.” In turn, Vanya Ortiz, protagonist of “The most beautiful song in the world” won in the category of revelation actress.

Actors Carlos Ferrer and Madeline Ortiz presented the statuettes for best actress and supporting actor. Actor Gabriel Mc Roberts and actress Sandy Borrero won awards in this category.

Likewise, the comedian, Wanda Sais presented two categories, including “Best Drama” and “Best Comedy.” The piece “Lima Limón” won the best drama category and “Fugaz” won the best comedy.

Actress Lourdes Moran presented the award for “Best Immersive Theater Experience” of which the piece “Yurasik Park” emerged victorious. Actress Margie Sánchez presented the category of best musical production, and the winning production was for the piece “21 Chumps Street.”

The actor, producer and theater critic, Efraín Rosa, and the playwright, Adriana Pantoja presented the category of “Best Libretto” in which the piece “Bartolo y la Niña” won in this category.

The director of the Department of Art and Culture, Antonio Morales, together with the actress and producer, Mariana Aquiles, presented the “Best Actor” and “Best Actress” awards. Julio Vizcarrondo of “Extravagante” and Yadilyz Barbosa of “El Dupont” and Zailyn Cuevas, of “Flor de presidio”, dominated in this category.

The director, producer and actor Gilberto Valenzuela was in charge of the best direction category, a statuette that bears the name of the actor, director, producer and professor Dean Zayas. The winning production was: “Cuerpos De Los Días”, by Esteban Calderón.

Producer and actor Raymond Gerena presented the most anticipated category, Best Production. The piece “Bartolo and the girl” won in this category.

In addition, two additional categories “Best Poster” were recognized, which was won by the piece “Dinero Vs Amor”, directed by Cheo Vidal Torres. And the “Best Teaser” category went to the piece “Las Espinas” by Rafael Pagán.

During the ceremony, the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, Adeysha Williams performed “Nada Mal” from the piece “Ace Of Heart” which received applause from the audience.

The jury was made up of performing arts professionals, such as Aidita Encarnación, José Arroyo, Elia Enid Cadilla, Carlos Ferrer, Marie Duran, Edwin Ocasio, Efraín Rosa, Carola García, Lourdes Moran, Magali Carrasquillo, Margie Sánchez, Mariana Quiles, Liza Lugo and Wanda Sais.

Currently, the call for proposals for works is open for the month of December. People can send requests along with the scripts to the emails [email protected] and [email protected].

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