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Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, “Barbie”, “Oppenheimer”: these phenomena that boost the American economy

The two pop stars as well as the “Barbenheimer” should bring in 8.5 billion dollars and thus allow a jump in growth in the United States.

By Hugo Romani for Le Point

Taylor Swift would bring several billion euros to the American economy.

HASWith respectively $1.19 billion and $651 million in worldwide revenue, Barbie And Oppenheimer are impressive cinematic successes of the summer. As for Taylor Swift’s new tour, it could record more than a billion dollars in revenue. Numbers that make you dizzy. And the productions of these events will not be the only ones to benefit from the profits, according to projections from Bloomberg Economics reported by The echoes.

According to the specialized media, this could bring nearly 8.5 billion dollars to the American economy. More specifically Taylor Swift and the other great American pop star Beyoncé (on a world tour with the Renaissance World Tour) would allow the GDP to swell by around 5.4 billion dollars. On the side of the two films, the earnings for the coffers of the United States would amount to 3.1 billion dollars. Enough to increase gross domestic product by 0.5% and household spending by 0.7%.

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Swift, Beyoncé and their billions of dollars

It is especially Taylor Swift and her Eras Tour that prove to be the most interesting. The 33-year-old star could bring in up to $4.6 billion in economic activity, while she would “only” collect $1.6 billion. It is however less than Beyoncé: the former member of Destiny’s Child would earn 2.1 billion dollars, making Renaissance World Tour the most lucrative tour in history.

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If concert tickets are the first generators of economic activity, they are not the only ones, as explained by The echoes. Transport, accommodation, catering and by-products are all factors that increase the income from a tour. Thus, for the concerts of Taylor Swift, each fan would have spent on average… 1,300 dollars! And this crazy activity could, according to experts, make it possible to avoid the recession on the other side of the Atlantic.

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