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Taco Day: When and why is it celebrated in Mexico?

We all enter the taqueada”, affirms Elena Poniatowska in Light and moon, the little moons. Tacos are a way of eating, they are also a dish. Its flavor defines territories, relieves the craving and since 2007 it has its celebration every March 31: Taco Day in Mexico.

From shepherd, suadero, folksy, nana, crop, barbecue, flutes, gut, brains, acociles, charales, grasshoppers, shellfish, roasted carnitas, birria, vegan basket, governor, placero, cochinita, armored or simply salt and sauce, the tacos have infinite styles, everything can go inside an omelette on any occasion and at any time, even at dawn, when drunkenness subsides in the heat of a very spicy sauce in a taqueria.

“Taco town! Tacos, young man!”, details Poniatowska, who describes that in Mexico the taqueria is a business that has no loses:

“We all eat tacos, we all snatch them with our hands, we swallow them in a hurry, we lick our fingers, because they are always finger licking good, a full belly, a happy heart, buttery well-lubricated bellyfull of cilantro and parsley, a heart on fire with patriotic love, from beautiful and dear Mexico if I die far from you, because!Long live Mexico, children of the taco! ¡Long live Mexico, children of the Garnacha!

Why is Taco Day celebrated on March 31?

The celebration is not as old as one might think, it began in 2007, when Televisa launched a campaign in which it said: “Because everyone has their day: Taco Day, March 31”.

To commemorate this dish and invite to establish that date for the taco, a website was launched with curious data and the specialty of each state.

The celebration was also musical, they made a commemorative song and a concert at the Azteca Stadium, in Mexico City, with a fair where all kinds of tacos were exhibited, Taco Day was also celebrated in Acapulco, at Papagayo Park, where they did another great concert.

Since nobody can say no to some tacos, the date continued to be taken up annually, especially by various establishments that offer promotions for the big day.

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