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Sword hanging over 500 clerks, documents not checked –

Chandigarh, September 2 (Trinew)

The Haryana Staff Selection Commission has issued orders to investigate the recruitment of about five hundred clerks recruited in the year 2020. The commission has called for documents from all concerned departments regarding this recruitment. The Commission has taken this step due to the apprehension of getting jobs with the help of fake documents. Out of 4798 clerks of this recruitment, the sword hangs on the job of around 500.

The Commission had written a letter to the concerned departments to terminate the services of all the clerks employed since September-2020 with immediate effect. It was also said that there will be fresh appointments and new candidates have been selected in place of the clerks who lost their jobs. Some candidates had reached Punjab and Haryana High Court regarding wrong answers to the questions asked in the recruitment.

The High Court had ordered the release of revised results in April 2022, considering the three questions correct. Due to the correctness of these questions, the number of more than one lakh candidates increased, while that of 48 thousand decreased. On this basis the Commission had released the revised result. The result of 58 candidates was withheld due to non-receipt of biometric marks and face marks. A total of 24097 candidates were called for document verification by the Commission from May 21 to June 6. Only 13 thousand 168 candidates came for document verification and ten thousand 929 candidates did not turn up. Out of these, about 500 such candidates remained absent, who were already selected. It is feared that there was large scale forgery in this recruitment. A large number of candidates had obtained economic social basis marks on the basis of false documents. Most of the candidates stayed away from the investigation due to fear of being caught cheating. Now the order to remove the commission within seven days has also been given by the government if there is a discrepancy in the investigation.

this is the whole controversy

There were two sets of paper. Question numbers 3, 47 and 66 in Set ‘C’ were the same as 24, 62 and 9 in Set ‘A’. Four options A, B, C, D were given for the answer of each question. If the answer to the question in set ‘C’ was C, then in set ‘A’ it was ‘D’. When the commission released the result, they gave marks stating option C of both as correct. Due to these marks many applicants were dropped out of the recruitment process. The High Court had ordered the release of revised results considering those three questions as correct.

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