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Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg removed from protest site hours after being fined

An AFP photographer told that when asked about the charge against her, Thunberg told the court, “It is true that I was there that day, and it is also true that I received an order, which I did not hear, but I deny the crime.”

Thunberg said that she has taken the necessary steps regarding the situation arising out of the ‘climate crisis’.

Organized by the environmental activist group Reclaim the Future, the rally attempted to block the entrance and exit of Malmö port in protest against the use of fossil fuels.

After the trial, he told reporters, “I think we are in a climate change emergency and because of that I am right to protest.”

After a court hearing, the court found Greta guilty and imposed a fine of 1,500 kronor ($144) and an additional 1,000 kronor to the Swedish Fund for Victims of Crime.

The crime for which Greta Thunberg was convicted carried a maximum sentence of six months in prison. But usually, fines are imposed on such charges.

Asked whether she would be more careful in the future after the fines were imposed, Thunberg said she was “certainly not going to back down”.

He said, “We know that playing by the rules cannot save the world, because the law needs to change. It is absurd that people who are acting in line with the science, who are blocking the fossil fuel industry, are paying the price.”

Hours after the fine was imposed, Thunberg joined the protest, due to which she was fined. They blocked traffic by sitting on the road leading to Malmö port.

After about an hour at the port, Thunberg and five others were forcibly removed by police. “Six people were removed from the scene. They will be reported for disobeying police orders, the same offense Thunberg was just fined for,” police said in a statement.

At the age of 15, Greta Thunberg gained worldwide fame after doing a ‘strike for climate’ in front of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm.

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