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Suzette Bacó’s valuable advice for Manny Manuel

Although they say they do not see each other frequently, they assure that for many years there has been a connection between them. Therefore, when the singer Manny Manuel He was asked with whom he wanted to share the leading role in the second episode of the project “Between two” of El Nuevo Día, the so-called “King of Hearts” proposed the actress, comedian and life coach Suzette Baco.

In the challenge of being interviewed and interviewed, which is the dynamic that the audience can enjoy through this initiative, Manny Manuel preferred not to go one-on-one with a colleague from the music world, but with a person who knew the tables from another slope.

Both personalities, who enjoy the admiration and affection of the public, met in the GFR Media photography studio. A Bacó concentrated on her earrings for the day, waiting with some desperation for Orocovis’s son, who was singing the “happy birthday” as part of the celebration of the 52nd anniversary of this newspaper.

“King Manny is here!”, the collaborator of Telemundo’s “Hoy Día Puerto Rico” program was heard joking about the colorful outfit of the singer in which the gold color predominated in his clothes and glasses. On the other hand, while the actress was retouching her makeup, she specified that they not put a neon lipstick on her because she was a “senior” and gave a “free hand” so that they proceeded to place the microphone on her. Manny added, “At this age, anything is a compliment,” as he warmed up his vocal chords.

And so, between joke and joke, and letting them know how the connection that unites them and the admiration they have for each other came about, the ideal environment was prepared to give way to a pleasant and fun talk, but also full of honesty and which both revealed aspects that have somehow touched that inner fiber in the course of their lives.

From how it has been to be able to deal with being alone with oneself, love breakups, detachments, the loss of a family member, the decision not to have children and the role of pets in their lives, among other topics, both navigated comfortably.

Returning to the silence of the countryside, next to his mother, and being at peace with himself has been part of the processes that the merenguero has faced, who is about to appear at the Santurce Fine Arts Center, where he will repeat the show “Amor eternal: tribute to Juan Gabriel”.

On the other hand, while Bacó is currently having fun taking salsa classes to perfect his steps, he is already preparing for a show that he will present in August with his colleagues and friends. Marian Pabon Y Christina Solerat the Center for Fine Arts in Caguas, which has her very excited.

While Manny Manuel comments that there are too many duets he wants to be able to do, with artists of the stature of little light, Danny Rivera, Antonio Caban Vale “El Topo”, Ednita Nazario Y Yolandita MongeIn the same way, he highlights that he dreams of doing theater one day.

The interpreter of “Doña Soto” says she is satisfied with what she has done throughout her 35-year career, pointing out that, although she has acted for the cinema, it has not yet been enough, so it is an experience that I would like to repeat. “I would love to sing, but not even with auto tune,” said the comedian, who is also in the process of writing a book that she started a long time ago, but that has suffered the impact of her growth and evolution.

With all the trust and affection of a friend, at the end Bacó exhorted Manny to stay focused, to avoid distractions from places, people and situations, and to stay on track. “Puerto Rico loves you and I love you more,” he concluded by telling Manny.

It only remains, to enjoy this “Between two”!

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