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Surprising meeting of the Buenos Aires PJ: they see Cristina out of the fight and cling to Javier Milei so as not to lose the Province


Without Máximo Kirchner, Massa, a group of mayors, officials and Christian leaders got together after an act at the CCK. They see the minister as complicated by the dollar and inflation and once again encourage Kicillof’s alternative.

In it Buenos Aires Peronismwhere Kirchnerism concentrates its main base of territorial power, no one knows where to run. There is no coordinated political strategy and if there is, it is more volatile than the price of the dollar. What they think and believe should be done in the face of the electoral fight mutates every week.

To a large extent that uncertainty was the central theme of the off-agenda meeting that key leaders of the district held this Monday after sharing an institutional act at the CCK, in which investments from the intervened Edesur were announced, headed by the mayor of Avellaneda, Jorge Ferraresi.

That communal chief together with the Minister of Economy, Sergio MassaThey gathered at a small table with half a dozen mayors from Greater Buenos Aires and even some Cristinistas, such as Martín Sabbatella. “No one orders. It is the cost of the fight with Alberto. Also the game of hide and seek and uncertainty that Cristina likes” Kirchner, pointed out a powerful leader of the PJ who participated in the summit at a time when the dollar threatened to approach $ 470.

Another of the attendees commented on the meeting: “We stayed chatting for a while. We had a bit of catharsis and exchanged information. What we all see, especially Ferraresi, who is one of the closest to Cristina, is that the Vice President is going to keep your word and it will not appear anywhere on the list“.

The maelstrom that depicts the desperation that invades the Buenos Aires PJ can be summed up in the already Possibility of advancing the elections in the Province ruled out. That alternative had been agreed upon last week between Governor Axel Kicillof and the heads of the GBA as a bet to pressure Alberto Fernández to drop his candidacy.

Now, in the Conurbano they gave a swerve to justify that advancing the vote in the Province could generate more harm than benefits. “The extreme right is our way out,” they admit. And they assure in this line: “The strengthening of Javier Milei is the best panorama we have. If we advance the election, his list will deflate (since the libertarian is not in front of the ballot)”, they foresee.

In the CCK, Massa showed signs of trying to remain as competitive as possible, but both he and the others see it as complicated by the economic confusion, in clear reference to the rise of the dollar and uncontrollable inflation.

One of those present raised, as a proposal: “Instead of an operation outcry for Cristina candidate, we should be concerned and direct our efforts in an operation to get her to hand over Kicillof and order her to lead the candidacy for President.”

Close to the governor they maintain that he does not want to have anything to do with the alternative of leading the national offer of the All Front. But those who have a direct dialogue with Máximo Kirchner, who was not at the meeting on Monday, assure that the vice president’s son “lowers the line whenever he can and without Alberto on the horizon to unload, he is going to deepen his attack against Kicillof “.

For everyone, Cristina’s role in that definition will be conclusive and many insist that she will maintain her rejection of the governor’s leap into the national fight. “Every time Máximo or someone from La Cámpora insinuates that Kicillof has to leave the Province, she becomes furious,” they describe in the Patria Institute.

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