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Surprise: a new survey measured the ‘covered’ candidate of Kirchnerism

The difficulty of the ruling party to get a box office candidate for the elections 2023 is chaining different milestones: from the resignations of Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Kirchnerthe super successful formula of less than four years ago, until the irruption -weeks ago- of an alleged “covered”. And in this stage of trial and error, a consultant decided to measure that surprise applicant: the head of YPF, Pablo Gonzalez. She didn’t do very well.

The study that evaluated the former lieutenant governor of Santa Cruz is from Zuban Cordoba. It is the merger of two consultancies: that of Paola Zuban, more dedicated to consumption and business; and of Gustavo Cordobaan analyst linked to politics, with contacts on both sides of the rift.

The firm made a national survey of 1,300 cases between April 11 and 17, with +/- 2.72% margin of error. As confirmed Gustavo Cordoba to Clariondecided to include González together with 13 other leaders of the ruling party and the opposition “because his name appeared in the media as a possible candidate.”

It was at the beginning of the month, when the pro-government media began to talk about the idea of ​​a “covered candidate” and the name of González arose. Later, the official himself sought to clarify that he had not received any offer, although he confessed: “I was with Cristina and I was waiting for an offer, I was ready.”

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The ranking of Zuban Cordoba it included leaders who sounded or are sounding for the presidential election. And they were ordered based on the positive image of each one: González was predictably last.

The head of YPF added just 5.6% positive weighting against 24.6% negative. Its Achilles heel, however, is not in these numbers but in its lack of knowledge for the general public: between “don’t know” (44.5%) and “don’t know” (25.4%), it came close to the 70 points.

With figures that are not so abrupt but that still set off alarms, they ended Gerardo Morales, Juan Schiaretti and Wado de Pedrothree leaders who expressed their intention to run for the presidency from different spaces.

– He Governor of Jujuyradical candidate for Together for Change, exceeded 40 points between “don’t know” (24.4%) and “don’t know” (16%). It completed with 21.2% positive and 38.2% negative.

– He Governor of Cordobawhich stands for non-K Peronism, had a similar performance: 23.5% positive and 35.4% negative, more 22.9% “don’t know” and 18.2% “don’t know”.

– He home ministercamporista variant of the ruling party, ended with 23.7% positive and 38.2% negative, plus 23.3% “don’t know” and 14.8% “don’t know”.

Then a top ten is set up with much better-known politicians, but with different figures and nuances, they cannot escape a logic that depicts the bad moment: they all culminate with a balance against the image, with clearly more rejections than support. And these numbers:

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: 37% positive3.9% “don’t know”, 8.4% “don’t know” and 50.7% negative.

Patricia Bullrich: 36.3% positive4.2% “don’t know”, 5.1% “don’t know” and 54.4% negative.

Sergio Massa: 35.6% positive3.1% “don’t know”, 5% “don’t know” and 56.3% negative.

Cristina Kirchner: 34% positive0.8% “don’t know”, 1% “don’t know” and 64.2% negative.

Javier Milei: 33.4% positive5.6% “don’t know”, 7% “don’t know” and 53.9% negative.

María Eugenia Vidal: 31.1% positive4.7% “don’t know”, 6.8% “don’t know” and 57.4% negative.

Alberto Fernández: 29.2% positive0.7% “don’t know”, 1.1% “don’t know” and 69% negative.

Axel Kicillof: 28% positive5.5% “don’t know”, 7.3% “don’t know” and 59.2% negative.

Daniel Scioli 27.1% positive4.2% “don’t know”, 11% “don’t know” and 57.7% negative.

Mauricio Macri: 27% positive1.6% “don’t know”, 2.9% “don’t know” and 68.5% negative.

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