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Superprofits: the majority invited to dismiss a French tax

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Co-rapporteur of the mission on “the exceptional profits” of energy companies, David Amiel recommends aligning with the European Commission’s proposal.

By Marc Vignaud

The deputy of Paris David Amiel, co-rapporteur of the flash mission of the deputies on the “superprofits”.

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Lhe flash mission of deputies on superprofits has delivered its report. The two co-rapporteurs of this text, Manuel Bompard for La France insoumise and David Amiel for the presidential majority, who worked hand in hand to conduct their hearings, however delivered their conclusions separately as their starting positions were irreconcilable. Without waiting for Manuel Bompard’s remarks, the Nupes has already unveiled, on September 21, the text of the bill that it hopes to submit to a popular initiative referendum. All companies with more than 750 million in turnover are targeted, regardless of the economic sector in which they operate, as soon as their profit exceeds by 25% that made from 2017 to 2019, on average, with…


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