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Summit in the South between Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich: family lunch, toast to Maduro and internal PRO


They met in Cumelén, at the house of the former president, who invited his former minister for two days with his partner.

In the country of Cumelén, in Villa La Angostura, at the same time that the cancellation of the trip to Argentina by Nicolás Maduro was confirmed, Mauricio Macri Y Patricia Bullrich They had finished having lunch with their partners, Juliana Awada and Guillermo Yanco.

The smiles that both outlined when They confirmed that the Venezuelan president withdrew from participating in the Celac summitwere interspersed with a toast.

Bullrich went further and downloaded the message to her social media team asking them to tweet what for her was a true triumph: that the day after warning the DEA of Maduro’s arrival in the country, the leader of the Caribbean country would desist from travel to the country

Democracy won! We stop the drug trafficker Maduro and he will not come to Argentina. I celebrate how thousands of Venezuelans, who had to emigrate to our homeland expelled by socialist delirium, avoided the offense of seeing the government receive this dictator with honors,” they tweeted from their account.

Even more: although he never named it, The former Minister of Security believes that the sharp criticism of the right sent by the Venezuelan was directed towards her. And in a presidential plan, marking that distance with the only dictatorial government in South America, Bullrich is emboldened.

Mauricio Macri had not expressed himself until late at night about Maduro’s non-arrival in the country. He had already had enough with the lengthy letter that he posted on Facebook on Sunday, when it appeared that the Venezuelan was on a flight to Buenos Aires. “Shame and Hope” was the title of a critical letter in which exposed the political links between the government of Alberto Fernández and that of Maduroin addition to his long-standing relationship with Kirchnerism.

Finally, at 9:57 p.m., the former president joined in with a concise tweet. “Maduro was afraid. He realized that something is changing in Argentina,” wrote Macri.

meeting behind closed doors

Beyond the lunch ritual, Macri and Bullrich met behind closed doors hours later, around 5:00 p.m. and until after 8:00 p.m. They will repeat the meeting this Tuesday morning, before the current PRO president begins her return to Buenos Aires.

precisely about the party ordering towards this year’s elections throughout the country was the main topic that Macri and Bullrich spoke about in Cumelén. Respectful of the functions that each one fulfills within the scheme of the PRO, Macri listens very carefully to every detail of the internal party that brings him who was a valued minister of his cabinet.

The PRO not only has to define how it is going to play in the national elections, where today it is shaping up with four possible candidates (Macri, Bullrich, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and María Eugenia Vidal), but it has to establish How will it compete in each province? and municipality, and what alliances it will form in order to return to being a government, with Together for Change.

The rest of the agenda had to do with review the programmatic axes to follow in the electoral year. It was not necessary, say those who closely followed the meeting, to talk about candidacies. Bullrich is very launched and Macri accepts it and gives him the freedom to play, aware that he still hasn’t decided what she will do.

As expected, there was no photo of the southern summit between the two main references in the PRO hawks sector. If it had existed, it could have been interpreted as a challenge to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who at the end of 2022 also traveled to La Angostura to meet with Macri, in a meeting of which there was no photographic testimony.

Close to Bullrich they admitted in the preview of the meeting that she had been surprised by the family invitation sent by Macri and Awada, also adding Yanco, the leader’s partner. In the environment of the former minister they interpret it as another sign of internal support.

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