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Summit in Moscow: Vladimir Putin and Jair Bolsonaro affirmed that they want to deepen the relationship between Russia and Brazil

After meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro highlighted on Wednesday the interest of both countries to resume bilateral trade levels and exploit new areas of cooperation.

“We have quite a fruitful schedule and we see the return of bilateral trade to pre-pandemic levels,” Bolsonaro told reporters in the Kremlin.

“Brazil is a power, especially agribusinessand there is a lot of interest on our part in the fertilizer trade and we note the Russian interest in Brazilian plants authorized to purchase products of animal origin,” the official concluded.

Both leaders offered a press conference after the end of the meeting. Photo: REUTERS

Putin, for his part, described “substantial” and “constructive” negotiations with his Brazilian counterpart, Jair Bolsonaro.

“Today we had very substantial and constructive negotiations, at the end of which we approved a joint declarationwhich reflects the main points for deepening Russian-Brazilian cooperation,” the Russian president said in a joint statement with Bolsonaro.

Both countries are interested in future expansion of economic cooperationassured the head of the Kremlin after his meeting with the Brazilian president.

“Brazil is Russia’s main trading partner in Latin America and the Caribbean,” he explained. Likewise, a third of Russia’s commercial exchange with that region corresponds precisely to Brazil, Putin said.

“Last year despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic trade increased by 87%“recalled the Russian leader.

There is an intense trade relationship between the two countries, with a balance clearly tilted in favor of Russia, that in 2021 exported to Brazil products worth 5,700 million dollars and that 60% corresponded to operations with fertilizers.

Brazil’s exports to Russia, also last year, totaled 1,590 million dollars and were made up, above all, of food products.

Putin noted that Brazil traditionally has broad representation at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, known as the Russian Davos.

“Last year, Mr. Bolsonaro addressed the participants in the plenary of the forum by video message, for which we are grateful,” he said.

He also hoped that this year, when the russian forum turns 25Brazil also sends a large delegation of politicians and businessmen to this event, scheduled for next June.

Cooperation in various fields

Putin too highlighted common projects in the areas of hydropower and peaceful use of nuclear energy.

In this regard, he mentioned that the Russian corporation Rosatom was willing to participate in the construction of nuclear power plants on Brazilian territory, including floating facilities.

“They have unique experience and technologies without analogues in the world,” Putin said of the Russian atomic company, which also carries out projects in other Latin American countries.

The Russian president also welcomed the development of bilateral cooperation in the chemical industry and the production of ecological fertilizers.

In addition, he highlighted the humanitarian ties and mentioned that currently about 400 students are trained in various higher education centers in Russia.

Putin and Bolsonaro’s appearance before the press took place after a two-hour meeting and did not include questions from the press.

After the talks in the Kremlin, the Brazilian leader will hold meetings with Russian legislators and representatives of the business world.

Source: EFE

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