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Summit between Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich: agreement for Melconian and an “international” role for the former president

Back to the country Mauricio Macri He received Patricia Bullrich this morning at his home in Acassuso. One of the axes of the breakfast revolved around the way in which the Together for Change candidate will have your support during the campaignafter the noises due to his expressions in tune with Javier Milei, with care not to be subsumed to the figure of the former president.

Bullrich revealed the meeting during his meeting with leaders of radicalism in the National Committee, although he avoided giving details about the content of the conversation. From what he could find out ClarionMacri gave endorsement to the presentation of Carlos Melconian as eventual Minister of Economy in the event of a victory for Together for Change.

“They said there was noise between them, but it is not true. Bank the decision“, a member of his campaign table dismissed the versions about the relationship between the former president and the head of Banco Nación during the Cambiemos government.

“I told him a little about how we are in the campaign, I simply described how we are organizing, how Together for Change is. “It was a business meeting.”assured Bullrich at the headquarters on Alsina Street, without anticipating what degree of Macri’s participation will be in the seven and a half weeks that remain until the general elections.

“We are thinking about collaborating with anything that has to do with international relations, but it has not yet been defined”added a representative of his space, who thus referred to a role similar to the one Milei had mentioned to take advantage of Macri’s winks on the night of the PASO and drive a wedge into the opposition coalition.

On the side of the former president they gave indications about the role he will have in the campaign. “Mauricio is going to focus on the clarity of Together for Change, the feasible project that the space proposes and the idea is to make visible the contribution of its agenda in the world,” they let it be known about the former president, who returned from Morocco on Monday, and will get on the plane again this Friday to participate in activities as head of the FIFA Foundation.

According to Bullrich, the noise caused by Macri’s celebration in Parque Norte in light of Milei’s result was overcome by the former president’s expressions of support for his candidacy, and Fernando De Andreis’s denial of joining an eventual liberal management.

The candidate will seek to move with a fine balance among the gestures to confirm Macri’s support and at the same time strengthen his profile, without conveying that in the event of reaching the Casa Rosada, power and decisions will depend to a greater extent on the founder of the PRO than on her. “There is a redefinition of the leadership of Together for Change after Sunday the 13th. It has to be clear that it now goes through Patricia”They emphasized the Bullrich environment.

At breakfast they analyzed conceptual lines of the results of the focus groups, commissioned by advisor Derek Hampton, and confirmed that the consultant Guillermo Raffo will join with more time – he had already been collaborating. Macri had taken him last year to give a talk at the PRO headquarters on Balcarce Street. “He knows right-wing populists very well”they remarked.

Raffo worked with the Brazilian Duda Mendonca, settled in São Paulo and participated in the campaigns of Henrique Meirelles and Aecio Neves, among others. Bullrich and Macri did not define shared activities or when Macri will enter the campaign: “For now there is nothing scheduled.”

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