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Successful premiere of the film “Pepe Gorras or the strange story of a headless dog”

The characters of the popular novel “Pepe Gorras or the strange story of a headless dog” came to life and arrived at the Island’s cinemas for a special screening full of emotion and enthusiasm.

For this debut on the big screen, the production house “A Quevedo Film” opted for a cast made up of talented young people.

Allen Camacho Ortiz plays Pepe, a mischievous boy who, along with his group of friends, is on the verge of failure in science class. As the only alternative, he and his classmates must participate with a project in the school science fair.

Alex Godineaux Pérez, David García Cruz, Billie Jay Lugo López, Yadier Quiñones and Evan Rivera Catalá They make up the rest of the cast. This work, written by Tina Casanova has captivated readers of all ages and has become a phenomenon.

SM, the publisher in charge of the history of “Pepe Caps”held two premiere galas attended by a large part of the cast, production team, authors of Puerto Rican literature and members of the SM team.

The general director of HM Puerto Rico, Juan Reyes, encouraged viewers to read the book before watching the film, since, in his opinion, it has been an enriching experience to identify with the characters and their occurrences. He also stressed that “Pepe Gorras” is a series which has four other novels, where the plot and its exciting adventures continue.

“I feel proud and grateful to have had a wonderful cast and crew that made the making of this, my first feature film, possible,” said Quevedo.

The film is shown in several theaters Caribbean Cinemas and offers school sessions and at regular times.

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