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Stupor in Chile: a woman takes a guard’s gun and shoots two people

A violent event occurred this Monday morning in the Lo Valledor market, located in the Pedro Aguirre Cerda commune, in Santiago de Chile. A woman, who was arrested, took the guard’s gun that stopped her and He began to shoot with treachery.

A guard and a cameraman were injured. A third person was injured by a bullet splinter.

The events occurred around 8:30 a.m. local time, when a woman who had been detained at the scene snatched a firearm and shot at a private guard. At the event, a Chilevisión cameraman was also wounded by a gunshot.

The incident occurs in the first day of the new security measures installed by the market administration itself. These measures include the request for identity cards to enter.

The woman who shot two guards in Chile is a 54-year-old Chilean. And they live in a street situation. Photo:

The event was recorded on the television cameras of the morning news programs that went viral on the networks.

In the images you can see that the woman was detained, with his hands behind his back, by a guard.

At that momentStretching out his hand, he snatched the pistol and fired six shots. being on your back. One of those bullets hit the leg of another guard who was supporting his colleague.

Who is the woman who shot in the market

The woman, 54 years old and Chilean, It is common in the sector and lives on the street. He has a police record, indicated by Carabineros. She was detained by the police, while the injured were taken to a healthcare center.

According to the site, the woman was identified as Mariana Cea, who has arrests for theft and assault on police officers.

According to police information, the woman is traveling merchant, who sells empanadas, and a regular visitor to Lo Valledor. The woman was monitored by guards at the premises, she was prevented from entering, to which she took out a file with which he threatened him. When she was subdued, she managed to take the gun from one of the guards, shooting three times towards the floor.

Carabineros General Marcelo Lepin, head of the Santiago Oeste Zone, explained: “Unfortunately, a control that is normally carried out at the access to this Lo Valledor center occurred during the morning. Where a woman resists this control and pulls out a knife, trying to attack the security guard. A private security guard comes to her aid and at that moment, due to carelessness, the woman pulls out the revolver that the security guard is carrying and fires a couple of shots, injuring a Chilevisión cameraman, a guard and a third person who would also be a member of the press. ”. The third injured person would have been affected by a bullet splinter.

The woman will go to detention control this Monday afternoon.

With information from and local media

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