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Striking presences and absences in the act of Alberto Fernández to support Martín Guzmán

The act had already finished in the Bicentennial Museum in the basement of the Casa Rosada. Alberto Fernandez walked up to Paolo Rocca and they stood talking face to face for several minutes. The owner of Techint He also had his moment with the head of the Central Bank, Miguel Fish, and with the Minister of Productive Development, Matias Kulfas. A while later, the Italian-Argentine businessman paid the change to the stocks to the dollar for the hydrocarbon sector, which will benefit him, and faced the accredited journalists who were waiting for him. “The President was very clear in indicating the need to generate long-term trust to bring private investment of this type,” said Rocca, who had met alone with the president in Olivos, before the international tour, as Clarin advanced. The businessman avoided answering about the interns at the top of power, which are hardly an incentive to invest.

However, no one in the Executive works to hide the open short circuits in the ruling party. The Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicillo, which boasts of leading an energy-producing province, hit the foul. Nor was the Minister of the Interior and main delegate of La Cámpora, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro, who at the same time had to launch a program at the National Institute for Political Training, at the CCK, 200 meters from the Casa Rosada. the chief of staff John Manzurwhat had remarked in vain to the ministers the importance of their attending the President’s event at UOCRA on Friday, he also did not attend Taylor Customs. “For personal reasons,” explained his collaborators.

There were too many absences for a policy that Fernández described as transcendental. “I need Argentina to warn that this opportunity is unique. Sometimes I feel like I’m the one the only one who wants to sow hope. But it is sown, the only thing that is needed is for us to act accordingly,” said the president in front of trade unionists, officials and businessmen such as the owner of Edenor and former Interior Minister of Carlos Menem, Jose Luis Manzano; Hugo Eurnekian, from CGC; Manfred Boeckmann of Wintershall; Y Alexander CervinoRaizen, among others.

Surrounded by Kulfas and Economy Minister Martin Guzman -the two ministers most targeted by Christianity- the head of state defended the task of the resigned Secretary of Commerce Robert Feletti. “She has worked very closely with us,” she noted.

The president of the UIA Daniel Funes from RiojaOn the other hand, he was enthusiastic about the departure of the Kirchnerist official. “I had a limited vision of the cause of inflation. Minister Guzmán has said there must be a multicausal vision, for the monetary, fiscal, and foreign exchange generation issues. I do not see threats of withholdings,” he said.

The co-secretary general of the CGT Hector Daer He did not avoid the bundle when consulting this newspaper. “The healthy thing would be for us to find ways of dialogue and be able to resolve things, not in public terms but at a political debate table. The country continues to function, unfortunately it is not what we wanted”, said the trade unionist, leader of the Buenos Aires PJ and a personal friend of the President.

Daer also flatly rejected the possibility that the board of directors of the workers’ union will vote on Thursday a measure of force to ask for inflation to be lowered, a possibility that the leader of the UPCN Andres Rodriguez opened later.

The CEO of YPF, Paul Gonzalez -which answers to Máximo and Cristina Kirchner- was the only one who mentioned and highlighted the work of the vice president. He also hastened to warn that -despite the absences and the lack of public support- the Frente de Todos as a whole supports the relaxation of the stocks, just when the former president warns about the shortage of dollars.

The governor of Santa Cruz, another producing province, Alicia Kirchner, also did not say present. González, former lieutenant governor, supported with a smile -in front of the journalists- Pedro’s “Wado” initiative for YPF to move its offices from Buenos Aires to his province.

Of the governors who were at the Federal Investment Council on Monday to sign a document against the Supreme Court, they attended the Rosada el Salta Gustavo SaenzGildo Insfrán, from Formosa, and Gustavo Melella, from Fuegian, one of the few who joined the public request for the President to be re-elected. The other 8 returned to their districts.

Neuquén provincial executives Omar Gutiérrez and Arabela Carreras from Rio Negro, who usually align themselves with the ruling party, clarified so many faults.

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