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Stocks on Twitter: Elon Musk limits the number of tweets that can be read per day

Twitter will limit the number of tweets that can be read per day: free accounts will be able to access only to 600 posts, while those who pay the verification, to 6,000. Your CEO, Elon Muskexplained on the social network that it is “to prevent the extraction and abuse of data from the platform.”

In turn, new accounts will only be able to access 300 tweets. The measure, unsympathetic to users, began to generate a stir on the social network in a series of responses to the tycoon.

Since he took over as CEO of the company, the billionaire has been applying changes, such as removal of verification of free identity to a system that only allows you to have an account with a check mark if you pay.

During the morning of Saturday, several users began to see a message that prevented them from seeing content. “Sorry, you’ve reached your query rate limit. Please wait a few minutes and try again,” she said. At first, the most plausible interpretation had to do with a global drop. But with Elon Musk’s tweet, it becomes clearer:

Twitter: the first measure, log in yes or yes

The new limitation has to do with an attempt by Musk to stop automated data mining from the platform. This week he had applied another measure: that of being able to see tweets only if you had an active session.

This was explained under the idea of ​​”taking drastic and immediate measures” to restrict access to tweets. because “AI companies were stealing” their data.

Twitter’s CEO said Friday that he took steps to prevent AI companies from having “extreme levels” of data cleaning.

Hundreds of companies were “mining data [scraping] of Twitter extremely aggressively,” Musk said, adding that social media companies without an authentication process risked becoming “bot-ridden hellscapes.”

Now, without an active session, you cannot read tweets. Reuters Photo

The platform protected content this week by preventing users from seeing tweets unless they are logged in and not allowing tweet previews when the links were shared in other applications.

Musk tweeted Friday that the feature will be “will unlock shortly” and that it was vital to take swift action to prevent it from happening. He said Twitter had to activate backup servers to cope with increased traffic on the site.

“It is enough annoying having to bring a large number of servers online in an emergency just to facilitate the outrageous valuation of some AI startups,” he said.

The billionaire called for other solutions after Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney tweeted that Twitter had “a locked account” and that browsing the web felt “horrible.”

Musk responded by saying that the data scraping was affecting the user experience. “What should we do to stop that? I’m open to ideas,” he asked.

In this regard, it is likely that Twitter will continue to take action. The founder of SpaceX closed OpenAI access to Twitter in December because he reportedly felt the company was not paying enough to license data from the platform, according to The New York Times.

OpenAI was paying around 2 million dollars a year to scrape data from Twitter to help build its AI chatbot, according to the report.

Thus, to this measure of login, the limit on the number of tweets was added. Several users began receiving this message on Saturday:

The message received by Twitter users who exceeded the limit

The message received by Twitter users who exceeded the limit

Musk continues, thus, adopting restrictive measures that even go against the dissemination of the content that is created there.

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