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Stephanie Del Valle’s mother: “Puerto Rico has no room for people like Stephanie”

A little less than two months before the celebration of the final of Miss World 2021, last Thursday it transpired that the model and former Puerto Rican beauty queen Stephanie Del Valle Diazwas sued when pointed out along with three other people for alleged “fraud, theft and embezzlement” during the planning and organization of the international contest that will take place on March 16 at the Puerto Rico Coliseum.

The same Thursday, in the afternoon, Miss World 2016 turned to her social networks to publish a press release in which she denied the accusations against her.

In that line, late at night, the communications director of the Puerto Rico Tourism CompanyLeslie Diaz, reported through written statements that Del Valle and his company, Reignite Puerto Rico, the day before had returned the money that was granted to him for the celebration of the international contest on the island.

Faced with such a situation, Del Valle Díaz’s mother -Diana Díaz- did not remain silent and came out in defense of her daughter.

“It hurts, it hurts in the soul to face an unfair situation. Seeing how the image and reputation of a young woman whose only ‘crime’ has been wanting to bring a platform where the world could learn about everything that Puerto Rico has to offer, who has been working responsibly for two years against all odds so that It happened and it happened with the results that we have all witnessed. 100 ambassadors from around the world left Puerto Rico full of a wonderful experience, carefully planned by someone who lived firsthand what is expected of a host country. 100 ambassadors who are the best promotion for Puerto Rico. A young woman who has been an example for Puerto Rican youth, with an impeccable career, now has to stand before the world to prove and defend herself from the lies published by a nauseous “journalist” and other equally unscrupulous henchmen,” Díaz published in your Facebook social network account.

The complaint filed on February 8 alleges that Del Valle Díaz and other co-defendants failed to pay at least $1,225,000 to Puerto Rico With a Purpose L3C., a company contracted to provide services related to the assembly and execution of the event. Those funds, according to the document before the court, correspond to the sponsorship of three different government entities.

Also, his mother added: “Puerto Rico has no room for people like Stephanie. Every day I understand more why the youth who have so much to contribute leave their country to offer their talent to others, because for those who want to stay alone there are obstacles, in a country that opens its doors to people whose only interest is to bleed what little that this country can offer to the children of our land. As a mother I could not be more proud of her, of her performance, her tenacity and verticality at her young age. I don’t know if I at the same age as her could reach her heels. Which owes nothing fears nothing. Thanks to all who have sent their messages of support, solidarity and offers of help. Thanks to her fans who have overflowed on the networks. Thanks to the ‘haters’, we still bless them. But most of all thanks to my family, to his dear brothers Gretchen and Omar. Like the phoenix”, concluded the message along with a promotional video in which Del Valle Díaz announces the international contest.

The entity indicates in its lawsuit that the non-payment and the alleged illegal behavior of the defendants threaten the holding of the final of the contest on the island, a situation that “would constitute irreparable damage to the plaintiff, to the contestants who represent other countries in the world, to the multiple economic commitments of multiple natural and legal persons, as well as the People of Puerto Rico.”

Del Valle, who won the Miss World crown in 2016, had offered statements on behalf of her and her organization in which she detailed that “all the federal funds that the government of Puerto Rico disbursed to Reignite Puerto Rico as an advance to the promotion of the island through the celebration of the Miss World 2021 event, they were frozen immediately after the cancellation of the event on December 16, as a consequence of the cancellation they have been returned in full to the government of Puerto Rico ”.

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