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Step by step, how to change the name and password of a Wi-Fi network

Due to ignorance or lack of advice, many home Wi-Fi networks keep the original name and password, the same ones that the provider company provided at the time of installation.

This represents a serious error, since the change is a simple and intelligent measure that guarantees an encryption in the access to the administration panel.

Both in a home and in some businesses, there is a tendency to be more careless, sharing connection data with many strangers. This means that a hacker can take advantage of this weakness to change the conditions.

For this reason, experts point out that it is advisable change the network password every five months and the same applies to the network name. In this case, it is indicated to do it every seven months.

How to change the name of a WiFi network from the router

It is advisable to change the name of the network and also the keys.

The first step is to access the settings of the router, the device provided by the Internet provider. Although in itself it is a very simple process, requires having some essential data at hand.

The most important is the IP number (similar to that allows a device to be identified within a network. Enter the current username and password on the login page. By default they are usually “admin”.

To get the local IP or default gateway, on Windows, type cmd in the search box which gives access to the Command Prompt application. In those dark lines you will have to put the ipconfig command.

Upon entering, a series of data will appear, including a number identified with the name Ipv4 Address, which is necessary to change the password and the name of the WiFi.

If it has never been modified, it is likely that all of this data is in the label that is attached to the routerand may also be in the box that device came in.

The next thing will be to open the browser and in the field where the address of the page is normally written, you will have to type the IP number. This will cause a “gateway” to be displayed, where the router username and password fields must be filled in.

Once this is done, a menu of options opens, which may be slightly different, depending on the Internet provider. There, you must search for the word network, networks or wireless and, when you click, two alternatives will be displayed: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks, which are the two bands in which routers work.

Tips for choosing a password for the Wi-Fi network

How to connect without problems.  Photo Shutterstock

How to connect without problems. Photo Shutterstock

When choosing a password, many people opt for numerical passwords. However, these are very weak and easy for programs configured to steal them to guess.

The ideal is to create a long one, which has capital letters, numbers and symbols. Thus, they are more difficult to identify. for password cracking algorithms.

It is important to bear in mind that when you change the WiFi password, the network is automatically disconnected from all associated devices, which will request the new data in order to continue browsing normally.

And although each manufacturer has its own configuration page for the router, the main points and options are always the same. Simply navigate through the menus until you find the Network Name (SSID) section, which is the name the network will appear with when someone tries to connect to it.

If none of these options resolves the need to change the WiFi password, it is recommended contact service administratorwhich will be able to make the adjustment remotely in a few minutes and without complications.


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