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State tragedies

López Obrador has always despised candidate selection processes. Deep down, the contempt is for the positions: he considers that legislators are all useless people who only serve to obey what the President orders. This saying can be corroborated with the actions of Morena legislators in this six-year term. Some of today’s legislators arrived by tombola – which, in the end, turned out to be one of the least suspicious methods in that party – and the result is that we have had in the Chamber of Deputies and Senators one of the lowest levels of debate in those who have memory. It is true that legislative headquarters are a sounding board for the national environment, so it is common to witness bitter discussions and even lawsuits in the congresses of almost any country in the world. However, the level of ignorance and stupidity of the majority of Morena has been truly scandalous. Rudeness, primitive behavior, insults and vulgarity have been the norm of the legislatures during the course of this government.

Something similar has resulted with the style of leadership – so to speak – selected by the President to govern in the various entities in which Morena took over the government. The mediocre adjective is the most positive to speak of those efforts that, in general, deserve the classification of ‘disastrous’. Cuitláhuac García has turned out to be a true tragedy for Veracruz. The governor’s levels of stupidity are truly astonishing. The dump that Cuauhtémoc Blanco has left in Morelos is anthology; The governor of Colima has turned that small state into a no-man’s zone, and the Monreals have ended up turning Zacatecas into a gigantic pantheon.

Not far apart from those mentioned above we must put Campeche and Guerrero. In Campeche, Governor Layda Sansores made a name for herself early in her term by launching a weekly television program in which she displayed the results of acts of espionage against her political adversaries. Mrs. Sansores is a grotesque character of the fourth transformation, her frivolity is coupled with her irresponsibility. It is possible that some of Morena’s management cadres and the President himself – to whom she dedicated readings of embarrassing poems – liked the governor’s self-confidence. The result is in sight. This week there were demonstrations in that state to demand security for the police! How will things be? That’s where the political climate in Campeche has exploded. Mrs. Sansores’ government sent a group of unarmed police officers to a prison to move inmates. The police were surprised by the inmates and the guards were injured from the beatings they received. The governor accuses her opponents of police complaints. You could not expect anything else.

The Guerrero issue is perhaps the most delicate at the moment. There the President put Salgado Macedonio’s daughter to collect the opposition’s affront that prevented the President’s friend from being governor. The result of this pyrrhic revenge is the situation of desolation that exists in that entity already dominated by organized crime. The anarchy is reflected in the changes that the governor has tried to make, who does not even pay attention to the elementary requirements. She appointed a prosecutor and five days later she resigned because they realized that she did not meet the minimum age for the position! However she wants to be seen, what happens in Guerrero is a tragedy.

It is worth remembering the situation that these entities are going through, because they are also part of López Obrador’s heritage.

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