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State Highway running on single road for decades

Ram Kumar Tusir/Nis

Safidon, 9 February

The State Highway connecting Rajasthan with Uttar Pradesh via Hisar-Panipat passing through Safidon has been getting constructed and deteriorating for decades. Thousands of vehicles run daily on the State Highway, but its width is still limited. Now the proposal to widen this state highway from Jind to Safidon by 3 meters has been approved, but the work has not started yet. However, the officials of the Public Works Department are claiming that the work will start soon.

Once upon a time they used to travel on this route: Elders tell that once upon a time this was the route through which people used to travel from Uttar Pradesh to remote areas of Rajasthan. Road construction started on this route about 5 decades ago, then this route was about four to five feet deep, which used to take the form of a river during the rainy days. When a single road was built, it used to take about one and a half hour for the bus to travel from Safidon to Jind, however, now the vehicles travel at a speed of 100 km and thus the journey has reduced to 30 minutes only. At present, the situation is that the game is going on from this state highway. Here, there is encroachment on the land of the road or someone presses the irrigation pipeline under the road, there is no one to stop it. There are dangerous curves at many places, at one place, in order to save the tree, the officials put a risk on the road itself. Now a new question has arisen on the existence of this road. The proposal to widen the road from Jind to Safidon by 3 meters has been approved.

CNG pipeline is also getting buried under the road : HPCL has suppressed the CNG pipeline where the road is to be constructed in a width of one and a half meter on the road. Pipeline repair is repeatedly dug from many places. When the road is widened, the pipeline will be buried under it, whose leakage etc. will be excavated by the company from many places. At the same time, heavy vehicles will ply on the pipeline buried road. It would be like walking on a powder keg.

what do the officers say

A senior PWD official said the department had clarified to HPCL in the NOC that the pipeline would not be buried within 6 feet of the road edge. The department also wrote a letter to the company but it is not being heard.

When there was a dispute over the land

A dispute broke out two decades ago over the land for this road near the bridge over the Hansi branch of the Western Yamuna Canal in Safidon, with several landowners claiming that the road was built on their land. In the year 1971, the case related to the land acquired for this road went to the court. In the end, the decision was in favor of the landowners and the Public Works Department had to leave the land for the road and make a road at some distance away from it. In such a situation, the bridge was also rebuilt at another place.

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