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Sri Lanka: Protesters set several vehicles on fire outside President’s residence, 5 policemen injured; 45 people arrested, curfew in Colombo city

Colombo, April 1 (agency)

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside his residence demanding the resignation of Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, following which 45 people were arrested and a brief curfew was imposed in most areas of Colombo city. There is an economic crisis in the country and people hold the President responsible for it. Lack of foreign exchange in Sri Lanka has led to shortage of essential commodities like fuel, cooking gas and people are facing power cuts for 13 hours a day. Protesters on Thursday raised slogans against the Rajapaksa government and demanded his resignation. According to the police, several people, including five policemen, were injured and vehicles were torched during the protest. A senior police officer said, “So far 45 people have been arrested. Five policemen were injured while a bus, a jeep and two motorcycles were torched. The protesters also damaged a water truck of the police. Curfew was imposed at midnight on Thursday in most parts of Colombo and the suburban police division of Kelaniya, which was lifted on Friday morning.

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