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Spotify Wrapped 2022: how to see the most listened to of your year, with the summary of favorite songs and artists

The streaming platform provides detailed information in a “story” format.

This Wednesday Spotify launched its famous annual summary with the most listened to music for each of its users and also, another ranking with the musical events of Argentina. The “My 2022” or “Spotify Wrapped 2022” It is available only in the mobile version and can be shared on social networks.

The Spotify Wrapped 2022, which is personal, collects what each person listened to in the first 10 months of the year. Last October 31 was the last day that the platform recorded the tracks of its 350 million users.

In order to access the annual summary with statistics, just look for the Spotify Wrapped banner within the mobile app, both on Android and iOS.

In the event that one has canceled by mistake, you can enter through the official website, entering and clicking on Download. By doing so, it will open the mobile application and launch the statistics.

The welcome screen.

As this data appears, in story format, it is possible to share the screens that one chooses on Instagram or TikTok. There are at least six different with music information.

Spotify Wrapped is made up of several slides with statistics and listening time data. The first one is for presentation and shows a summary of the year.

The time each person dedicated to music.

The time each person dedicated to music.

The first shows the musical subgenres that have been most listened to in recent months. They will do it through a story in which each genre is a planet orbiting the sun.

In another of the slides, statistics are interspersed, from the number of minutes one dedicated to the app, the most requested genres and the average compared to other listeners.

The song box indicates which is the favorite theme of the year, the one that was played the most times in the application and the four that followed it in order of importance.

The artists that sounded the most in 2022.

The artists that sounded the most in 2022.

The most listened to songs this year in the country also had an Argentine label. The song with the most streams in the country this 2022 is Bizarrap with its unforgettable session #52 with Quevedo. It is followed by “La Bachata” by Manuel Turizo and again by Bizarrap but this time with his collaboration #48 with Tiago PZK.

On the international stage, Bizarrap managed to be the most listened to Argentine artist in the world during 2022, ranking at #49, followed by Duki (#71) and María Becerra (#110).

Instafest: the festival of your dreams

Instafest, the app that puts together your ideal music festival.

Instafest, the app that puts together your ideal music festival.

The possibility offered by Instafest is more interesting than it supposes. What this application does is create a poster with the artists that sound the most in each account.

To model your own music recital, all you have to do is go to the Instafest website and link your Spotify account. After entering the username and password, the tool searches for the favorite artists of the last six months.

But before moving forward, he will ask for two permissions that tighten the security rope. And although there are few references to the app, it will ask for access to personal information, such as the account’s username, profile picture, and public playlists.

The second permission that Instafest requires before creating your personalized festival poster is ‘View activity on Spotify’, that is, the main content and artists, that the user consumes, listens to and has in their playlists, the amount of minutes enjoying such artists.

In accordance with Instafest’s terms of service, such information you ‘read’ is not shared with third parties, nor is it stored outside of your phone. The problem is that, in case of account theft, there will be no one to complain to.


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