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Spent a night, raised hope… know what happened later

How many ‘ideal’ villages are honorable

From the President to many elected public representatives adopt the village with great fervor. They also make announcements with pomp and show, but under the Adarsh ​​Gram Yojana, the people’s representatives have forgotten the villages by adopting them. To what extent and how many ‘ideal’ villages are adopted by ‘honorables’? Today, under the ground report series on his reality, the condition of the village Lakhnore Sahib adopted by MLA Aseem Goyal is presented.

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Jitendra Aggarwal/HP

Ambala City, 28 May

When Lakhnore Sahib, a village of historical, religious importance, was adopted by Ambala city MLA Aseem Goel in 2017, the beginning was hopeful. The MLA spent a night in the village. Announcements were made for development works worth lakhs of rupees, proposals were also made. But what happened after that, not only did the development stop, but the MLA stopped going to the village.

With only 600 voters and a population of about one and a half thousand, Lakhnaur Sahib is very important from the religious and historical point of view due to being the maternal uncle of Gujri ji, mother of the tenth father, Shri Guru Gobind Singh. In view of this, the MLA adopted it. According to the villagers, due to the rift between the outgoing member of the Zilla Parishad and Mandeep Rana, close to the MLA, and Inderpal Singh, the village sarpanch, its development remained completely stalled. People are craving even basic facilities.

Announcements of lakhs incomplete: After adopting the village, the MLA had assured to fulfill the sewerage demand of the villagers soon. Sarv Dharma Samabhav Chaupal (17.37 lakh), cremation ground (1.20 lakh), SC Chaupal repair and toilet construction (2.50 lakh), old age home boundary wall and repair (1.80 lakh), drain repair and construction (7.70 lakh) Lakhs), II Paver Block Wali Gali and Drain (20.07 Lakh) and Swagat Dwar (6 Lakh) were announced. The people of the village say that the MLA has built only Chaupal, the rest were put up on the buildings built during the time of the old governments.

It is a different matter that various old buildings have reached a dilapidated condition, there is no cleanliness there. There was no sewerage work either.

Sher Singh, manager of Gurdwara Lakhnore Sahib, says that MLA Aseem Goyal has not come to the village since the 2019 elections. He said that the MLA did not get any special development work done in the village, nor is any one going on at this time. In the year 2018, VLD College was announced by Chief Minister Manohar Lal on 16 acres of land in the village. Its construction work started in the year 2019, but now hangs in balance.

Disruption occurred due to Corona period: Goyal

MLA Aseem Goyal says that except sewerage in the historic village of Lakhnaur Sahib, all other announcements have either been completed or work is in progress. There was a disruption due to the Corona period. Revised budget plan for VLD college has been sent to the government for approval, work will start as soon as the approval is received. If any community problem is brought to the fore by the villagers, then every effort will be made to solve it in a planned manner.


According to the outgoing sarpanch Inderpal Singh, development proposals of about Rs 50 lakh were passed through him in the last term, but after that what happened to those proposals, how much money was spent, where, nothing is known. “Once the resolution is passed, nothing is left in the hands of the panchayat and no one expected the step-motherly treatment that started with the village,” he said.

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