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“Sore” but with momentum, Raymond Arrieta completed the fourth section of the “Da Vida” walk

“Sore, but pa’lante”.

With the challenge of heat and fatigue on his back, the presenter and comedian Raymond Arrieta the fourth section of the “Da Vida” walk. The day began at 11:30 in the morning in the Beatriz de caguasand ended at 2:30 in the vicinity of the Caguas Municipal Government Center, to complete the goal of eight miles.

As usual in his feat, displays of affection and a host of emotions accompanied the host of “Día a día” (Telemundo), who carried out the 15th edition for the benefit of the Dr. Isaac González Martínez Cancer Hospital.

The anecdotes that serve as his engine were not lacking along the way, those that appear to touch his emotions more closely.

“A lady, arriving at an hour, jumped on top of me crying a lot, a lot. He told me that he had survived breast cancer and I was very excited. We look at her, we hug her and I tell her ‘you are healthy, you are healthy’. We gave her a rosary and she went her way. We are saving these stories, we are accumulating them, but we are happy with the support of the town and the people who have accompanied us in this hot stretch”, he recounted in an interview with this medium, about to finish his day.

“I was very touched by a baby with cancer. I left her one of my rosaries and the lady connected me later and told me ‘I gave a contribution and I’ll give it back to you’. She gave it back to me like she bought itback, and it was our turn”, he highlighted as another of the experiences he found along the way along with the approaches of participants to show him “photographs of those who are no longer there”.

In this year’s mission, the issue of temperature is unavoidable. He National Weather Service (SNM) yesterday issued a excessive heat monitoring which will be in force until tomorrow, Sunday, for indices that would reach between 102 degrees and 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

But no matter how exhausted he was, Arrieta always relies on seeing the good in his work. “This is throwing fire here,” he pointed out without slowing down. “The whole team is there, all my volunteers, who are taking care of us, ‘drink water, take a little electrolytes, a little sugar’, and we arrived in great shape, thank God,” he maintained with the sun’s traces on his face. .

“I feel good. I’m a little sore in my calf, which I hurt on the second day, but I’m fine, thank God. Sore, but go ahead”, stressed the artist. The presenter Álex DJ and the comedian Michael Morales they accompanied him today. Just steps away from the moving stage, the crowd applauded and praised his admiration, many of whom proudly wore their walk-allusive T-shirts.

“There were many of us walking today, many,” Arrieta celebrated before those present. In one of his interactions, he pointed to a message written on a sign carried by a person in the audience. “There is a very pretty banner. ‘In 2022 daddy saw me from the TV. Today he sees me from heaven, ”he read moved.

The anecdotes that drive Raymond Arrieta were not lacking along the way, those that appear to touch his emotions more closely. (David Villafane Ramos)

The presenter extended an invitation to the public to join the walk tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday. “This is the closure of the cycle of the walk. It’s 15 years and we have two days left, ”she highlighted. “There are many who have repeated. Many who have come and tell me ‘the first time I was able to take a picture with you’, and thank God. But to those who have not come, do not miss it, ”he reiterated. “If you don’t come, you missed it. This is something for history, something that will change your life like it changed mine. It’s a very nice thing,” she expressed.

“Tomorrow, Sunday, we leave here, from the mayor’s office to La Muda, that tomorrow we are going to make her talk,” he said with his usual sense of humor, referring to the sector of Guaynabo. On Monday he will say goodbye to this feat starting in Guaynabo to reach the premises of the Hiram Bithorn Stadiumfor the big closing.

The first day of this edition started on Wednesday with a route from the San Lucas de Ponce Hospital to the Juana Díaz public square. On Thursday, the day began in Aibonito and ended at the Pedro Montañez stadium, in Cayey. Yesterday, his commitment led him to walk from the Pedro Montañez de Cayey Stadium to the Beatriz de Caguas neighborhood.

There are several ways to cooperate. You can make your donation to the Da Vida account at Firstbank #300-4870858. You can also deposit the donation through ATH Mobile at Donated/ligacancer. In the same way, you can purchase the allusive merchandise in the Me Salvé stores, or by visiting the portal

With each step, the host of the evening program
With each step, the host of the evening program “Día a día”, from Telemundo, will say goodbye to the feat whose proceeds amount to $15,000,000 (David Villafane Ramos)

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