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Sony confirmed the price of PlayStation Portal, its new portable console: all the details

It will work as an accessory for the PS5, to which you will have to connect remotely via WiFi.

sony playstation revealed in May and for the first time its new remote gaming device that comes to replace the defunct PSP and PlayStation Vita, but now with the PS5 console stand. After a few months of waiting, the so-called Project Q now it’s called playstation portal remote player and has a confirmed price.

Although it looks like a portable console, PlayStation Portal is nothing more than an accessory that makes PS5 gameplay portable without the need for a cell phone or tablet. For this reason, Sony promotes it as a add-on for gamers that they have to share the television or simply play games in another room of the house.

The 8-inch (20-centimeter) LCD screen is capable of offering a 1080p resolution at 60fpsdelivering the high-definition visual experience expected from high-quality games – console exclusive or not – created by world-class developers.

It also includes a 3.5mm audio jack for wired audio.

And to complete the experience, the commands gather the key functions of the DualSense wireless joysticksuch as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

PlayStation Portal: price and release date

PlayStation Portal: this is what it looks like.

According to details shared by the Japanese video game giant, PlayStation Portal it will remotely connect to the PS5 via wifiso there is no delay in going to play the titles are installed on the console.

At this time, PlayStation Portal does not support PS VR2 games, which require a headset, or games that are streamed via PlayStation Plus Premium cloud streaming.

PlayStation Portal Remote Player will be released at the end of 2023 by $199.99 (about 130,000 pesos according to dollar card) in much of the world; although it is still unknown if he will officially arrive in Argentina.

Sony in trouble: shares fall

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

The PlayStation Portal announcement occurs in an economically unfriendly context for the Japanese multinational. In the first days of August the shares plummeted to about 7% after the fall in profits in their first fiscal quarter.

Already its financial report from April to June showed negative balances with a cut of 16.7% between the months of April and June, a reduction that the company attributed to worse profitability in its financial and film branches.

Some analysts pointed out that investors would also be concerned about the performance of the multinational’s video game area, the one with the greatest weight in their accounts, given lower-than-expected sales of its PlayStation 5 (PS5) console and the expected launch delays of games for the platform.

Sony said achieving its goals around the console, which is having a slower-than-expected pace to market, is one of its “highest priorities.”

Between April and June, 3.3 million PS5s were sold and Sony set out to achieve the goal of 25 million for the entire year.


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