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Something strange happened to the pilot in the flying plane, when he saw a cobra crawling on his back, he started doing emergency landing and then…

Something strange happened with the pilot in the flying plane, saw a cobra crawling on his back

Sometimes such incidents happen to us, which are quite terrible and about which we can never even imagine. Something similar happened with a pilot from South Africa. When South African pilot Rudolph Erasmus was flying at an altitude of 11,000 feet, he felt a chill on his back and after a while he saw a large venomous Cape cobra crawling under his seat. But, in such a dangerous moment, he did not panic and get scared, instead he made an emergency landing of a safe plane between life and death, which is being highly appreciated by the experts.

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Erasmus told the TimeLive website about his dilemma.

Pilot Erasmus told that it was very scary, he is the pilot of the aircraft for the last 5 years and in this episode he was taking his next flight from Worcester to Nelspruit with four passengers. When he felt some coldness on his back, at that time he thought that water was dripping from his bottle. As he turns to his left and looks down, the cobra is resting its head under my seat.

He said that for a moment he was surprised and could not understand what was happening. I had nothing but silence as there were other passengers in the plane. I felt that this thing should not be told to the passengers, because I did not want to create panic among them. But apparently at some point they would have come to know what was happening. Then he saw that the cobra had come under his seat, but still he maintained the balance of the plane even in the midst of this panic.

Erasmus said, I finally got out and as I moved the seat forward, I saw a snake about 4 feet long sitting curled up under my seat. He said, we contacted some people nearby. People conveyed our word to the snake catchers, but by the time they reached, the cobra had again disappeared somewhere inside the plane.

The pilot said that if we are trained for many situations but certainly never for dealing with snakes in the cockpit. At present, no trace of that cobra has been found yet. Engineers have not yet been able to find out where it is.

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