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‘Someone has to pay for all this’: Axel Kicillof’s reaction after a furcio on taxes

In an unusual resource in his speeches, this afternoon the Buenos Aires Governor Axel Kicillof spoke accompanied by a note on paper. He used it to review the projects announced during the presentation of the Ministry of the Environment of the Provincea wallet created after the electoral defeat and in parallel to the arrival of intendants to its management.

While reviewing some of those initiatives, Kicillof he committed a whore he tried to get out of with a joke.

“The sustainable reconversion of production processes, the development of public policies for industrial growth and support for production, the tax… sorry. No, who puts it? No, those are the things that are going to go into law. Does someone have to pay for all this, or not?Kicillof joked, looking for complicity in Máximo Kirchnerwho accompanied him on the stage of the Estadio Único de La Plata, in the middle of the internal Front of All.

Next to the deputy were Veronica Magariolieutenant governor; Martin Insaurralde, Chief of Cabinet of the Province; Daniel Vilar, appointed to head the new Ministry; and the Minister of the Environment of the Nation, Juan Cabandie.

The laughter of Máximo Kirchner after Axel Kicillof’s furcio. photo video capture

During the act, and without naming President Alberto Fernández, Kicillof also sent a message addressed to the dispute unleashed in the Government after the agreement with the International Monetary Fund. rejected by Cristina Kirchner.

“Néstor and Cristina taught us that it was not enough to grow, but it is necessary to attend to the distribution. In the 12 years of his administration, it was shown that there was no way to socially and politically sustain a growth process if it was not a process of social inclusion,” he remarked.

And I add: “You don’t have to grow first and then distribute; it’s the other way around: the only way to sustain growth for a long time is through income distribution”.

Finally, he highlighted the economic role of the province of Buenos Aires, although he clarified that this impulse needs a “context” to grow. “Sometimes the province is spoken of badly with political intent or only its debts are spoken of, but it is overlooked that it is its work that drives exports and the country’s gross product. A context is needed to continue developing growth of the province,” he stressed.


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