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Some Russian military forces stationed near Ukraine began to return to the hideout: report

Fears of an invasion were heightened after Russian military build-up on Ukraine’s border (Satellite Image)

Russia has said that it is sending some of its military forces back to bases near the Ukrainian border. This is believed to be the first major step in reducing the tension that has been going on in the West for the last few weeks. On Tuesday, Russia said that some of its military forces stationed near the Ukrainian border have started returning to their bases. It is worth noting that after the gathering of Russian army on the border of Ukraine, the fears of invasion had increased and there was concern about this situation in the world. Russian news agencies quoted a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense as saying, ‘The units of the Southern and Northern Military have completed their task. They have started loading through rail and road transport and today they will return to their military bases. ,


Significantly, the gathering of Russian forces on the border of Ukraine has raised concerns around the world. US President Joe Biden also warned Russia of “immediate and dire costs” in the event of an attack. Many European countries are still in talks with Russia, and are engaged in diplomatic efforts to de-escalate tensions.

Western leaders see this Russian military build-up as the biggest threat to the continent’s security since the Cold War, and have prepared a full package of economic sanctions in case Ukraine is attacked – although Russia has repeatedly- Bar has said that he has no such plan.

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