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Social organizations mobilized to stop transfer –

Daler Singh/HP

Julana (Jind), 5 November

The Archaeological Museum located in the historical Jayanti Devi temple of Mahabharata period in Jind city is being shifted to Karnal by the state government. Various social service organizations, dignitaries and intellectuals and museum lovers across the district are angry with this decision of the government. In this regard, a delegation of various organizations led by Jind District President Jitendra Ahlawat and retired DIP RO Surendra Kumar Verma submitted a memorandum to Lok Sabha MP and newly appointed BJP Haryana State President Naib Saini in the presence of BJP MLA Krishna Middha. . In the memorandum, the government and administration were requested not to shift the museum to Karnal and for its proper maintenance. Even before this, memorandums have been submitted by the organizations to the local MLA and the district administration. The decision of transfer was revealed through an RTI filed by Jawahar Nagar resident Anand Singh.

Goods from Indus Valley to kings and princely states

The weapons, swords, spears and iron caps worn on the head for protection, used in battle by the kings and emperors of the Jind state, are preserved here in the Archaeological Museum of Jind. Thousands of years old, about three feet big pots and earthen pots belonging to the Indus Valley force everyone to think about what the stature of the earlier people would have been like. The thousands of years old Manjholi or Ramjol kept here attracts everyone, in which the bride used to come sitting. Similarly, beautiful writings of age-old hand-written Gita, Mahabharata and other books, paintings of the historical Rani Talab and Dadawale Fort, stones, currencies, coins, musical instruments and musical instruments including Bijna, Tabla-Sarangi-Ektara-Guitar, Jind. People are amazed to see the paintings of all the pilgrimage sites in the district. There are other such ancient heritages kept here, which especially inspire the young generation and school children.

It was established in 2007 by the then Governor AR Kidwai.

Jayanti Archaeological Museum located in Jind was inaugurated on July 28, 2007 by the then Governor of Haryana, Dr. A.R. Kidwai in the presence of former Lok Sabha MP Jayaprakash. In this, there was full cooperation from many others including social worker donors Gulshan Bhardwaj, Kapil Bhardwaj and retired DIPRO of Public Relations Department Devraj Sirohiwal and Surendra Verma. Presently attendants Rajendra Singh and Sanjay, museum keeper Sandeep and sweeper Meena are working in this museum. According to Jitendra Ahlawat, District President of Indian History Compilation Committee, Jind, the old and historical items kept in this museum have been given by people interested in social and history. People have also given their personal old items and manuscripts.

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