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Socavón de Puebla is one year old: “The charm is over, nobody comes to browse anymore”

“The charm is over, nobody comes to snoop anymore.” This phrase from one of the peasants from the municipality of Juan C. Bonilla, contains the reality that you live in this demarcation a year after a sinkhole appearedAlthough at first it caused fear among the residents, later it became one of their main ways of obtaining income due to the arrival of tourists and visitors in general. Today that is just a memory.

No more “el socavón” appetizers, or breads with the same legend written on them, no more rental of viewpoints for 5 pesos, or micheladas for the heat. The security measures that the state government put in the area since October 2021, kept visitors away from the so-called “ground zero” and thus people’s interest in attending there was lost.

Officially, the authorities report that the phenomenon that appeared on May 29, 2021 has apparently stopped growing, remaining in a dimension of 126 meters in its major axis, 114 in its minor axis and 45 meters deep in its center. However, there is still the fear that the earth will soften with the arrival of the rainy season and that the depth of the hole in the earth could be even greater, which, added to the desire for adventure of many visitors, would mean imminent danger. , for which they do not plan to remove the security fences that were placed there.

Municipal Civil Protection staff reported that the established perimeter will be maintained and only the security fences that now protect the area will be maintained and painted, in which only overgrown weeds are perceived and in which the sinkhole as such is barely perceptible due to this very situation and the distance from which it can be observed, for which the influx of people is already minimal.

The Secretary of the Environment, Beatriz Manrique, indicated at the end of last year that the studies showed the existence of 14 points with little compression and two cavities of between five and 10 meters in the place, so that the land collapse is active and can be replicated in other parts of the municipality.

The results of the study carried out by the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) established that the sinkhole of the community of Santa María Zacatepecin the municipality of Juan C. Bonilla, ands the result of the combination of erosive susceptibility conditions in the subsoilof hydrometeorological events not observed in the last three years, natural underground flows due to hydraulic gradient and induced by the intense use of groundwater observed for 15 years in the area of ​​Santa María Zacatepec, Puebla, Mexico”.

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