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So are the Moonwalkers, the fastest shoes in the world: they promise to increase speed by 250%

These are eight-wheeled skates that are mounted on any shoe.

The lack of exercise produces a deterioration in the way people move. For those who have lost their rhythm and do not want to be late for appointments, an excellent option is moonwalkersconsidered the fastest shoes in the world.

The creator of this wonder is Shift Robotics, a company derived from Carnegie Mellon University (USA), has developed footwear that increases walking speed by up to 250%.

Moonwalkers work like skates that adapt to any shoe. The additional advantage is that you do not need to know how to ride these fast-moving wheels.

Its creator, Xunjie Zang explains that to move it is not necessary to resort to the characteristic movement of skates. “You don’t need to sway, just walk faster to speed up and slower to slow down,” Zhang explains.

The secret is that the wheels of the invention are smaller and are not placed in a single line, which makes it easier to balance. According to its developers anyone can upload.

The footwear uses a 300-watt electric motor – it charges via USB C in an hour and a half – connected to eight skating wheels, which provides a maximum speed of 11 kilometers per hour and a range of 10 kilometers.

This body device is attached to the shoes by means of ergonomic hinges. Its flexibility in construction allows the foot to bend naturally at the toes, preserving mobility and balance.

Normally, people walk at a speed of between 4 and 6.4 kilometers per hour. Moonwalkers reach a top speed of about 11.26 km/h. Their creators designed them to only reach that speed, even when they are going downhill.

Moonwalkers, or “walk with a Tesla”

The founder of Shift Robotics, claimed that the Moonwalkers contained “everything found in a Tesla”” in a pair of shoes.

According to Shift Robotics, his invention is intended to also be used on stairs. To do so, individuals must perform a special gesture that lock the wheels so they can go up without them slipping.

According to the creators of Moonwalkers, artificial intelligence also collaborates with the powertrain to adapt to different ways of walking and make the gait seem natural.

The shoes are also designed to be easy to put on and use, with intuitive built-in commands to turn off the engine so you can climb stairs or walk normally.

“We believe in a future where everything can be within walking distance. Our first step is to help people walk effortlessly at running speed.”

Moonwalkers do not glide freely across the pavement. They are saved in Lock Mode, where the electronic brake locks the wheels. To enter Shift Mode, where you walk at sprint speed, lift your right heel into the air and rotate it clockwise toward your left leg.

The Shift Robotics team launched a crowdfunding campaign to help bring them to market, raising more than $50,000. The base model can be purchased from $900 and will only be delivered in 2023.


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